Aaron Paul's Juicy Fruit Commercial Is One Of The Highlights Of His Pre-Fame Career — VIDEO

Aaron Paul appeared on Conan Tuesday night and, boy, did they have a surprise lined up for him. Conan O'Brien screened an old Aaron Paul Juicy Fruit commercial, and it's totally crackers. Like, the sort of clip you hope nobody will ever, ever play to a live audience while you're sitting right there. Like that prom video where you puke? That, but worse. Despite being for Juicy Fruit, the content of the ad has pretty much zilch to do with gum and everything to do with... ahem... clothes flying off people's bodies via the power of gum-desire-induced telekinesis. So, basically, everything you've ever wanted in an Aaron Paul commercial.

Paul confided in Conan that not only was this advertisement a huge deal in the U.S., but also internationally, since, because there's zero dialogue in the commercial, it was able to be screened in countries round the world. This meant, of course, that he raked in a lot in residuals for two years — enough that he claims to have just pretty much lived off the ad and not a whole lot else for that time.

This is a beautiful claim and just goes to prove what I've always suspected to be true: Aaron Paul is a charismatic freeloader a la his Bojack Horseman counterpart Todd Chavez, who, instead of spending his pre-famous career busing tables and scraping for tips, actually just had a great time. You can check out the ad in the clip below.

Team Coco on YouTube

Diligent Aaron Paul fans/stalkers will know this isn't the only wacky TV programming he was involved with way back when. An appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in 2013 uncovered some pretty special moments in Paul's life. Namely, did you know his very first acting role as a teenager was that of a sloppy kisser in Beverly Hills, 90210? Never seen anyone look so unenthused about locking lips with one of the show's famous model/actress types.

Laxman Chary on YouTube

Oh, yeah, and there was the little matter of his appearance on The Price Is Right way back in 2000. "It looks like I'm on some serious crack," Paul joked. "I downed about six cans of Red Bull because I knew they wanted people with energy. It worked, but I could not sit still." A much scrawnier, bespectacled Aaron Paul (back then known as Aaron Sturtevant) sprints up to the stage when his name is called and proceeds to blow all the other contestants out of the water with his mad guessing skillz. But will he win the car? Will he? Will he? Well, watch the clip below and see for yourself.

priceisright on YouTube

In short, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, while other members of Hollywood royalty worked themselves to the point of exhaustion waiting tables (Jennifer Aniston, Jon Hamm, Sandra Bullock – I'm lookin' at you), Aaron Paul just ascended to the top with his chill intact. Let us all take a lesson from this: work smart, not hard and if the worst comes to the worst, hit The Price Is Right and try our darnedest to win that car.

Images: Conaco (2), CBS Television Distribution, Fremantle Media