'American Grit' Mentor Noah Galloway Is A Decorated Hero... And Dancer

It seems like John Cena is coming after The Rock's title of Most Beloved Celebrity to Come Out of Professional Wrestling. His part in Trainwreck was genius, and, now, he's going to be coming into our homes every week as host of the reality competition series American Grit. The show, which premieres on April 14 on Fox, isn's as funny as Trainwreck, though. In it, Cena puts four teams of four people through intense military-grade and survival-themed challenges, and the losing teams have to compete in some kind of torturous obstacle course. I don't care how tough they are, those contestants are going to need help. Cena's brought in some mentors, called "The Cadre," who are some serious military bonafides. So, who is American Grit Cadre member Noah Galloway?

According to his website, Galloway served in the 1st Battalion of the 502nd Infantry with the Army’s 101st Airborne Division. That's certainly impressive, but his fellow Cadre members are just as experienced. He's up there with Rorke Denver, a Navy SEAL and star of the movie Act of Valor; Nick “The Reaper” Irving, who served in the U.S. Army’s 3rd Ranger Battalion; and Tawanda “Tee” Hanible, who served nearly two decades in the Marine Corps. Still, Galloway has managed to distinguish himself. Here's what you need to know about him.

He Came In Third on Dancing with the Stars

Yes, military maneuvers aren't the only moves Galloway's got — he's also a really good dancer.

He Has A Purple Heart

According to a Fox press release, "In 2005, Galloway was driving a Humvee and hit a tripwire that detonated a hidden IED, which threw his vehicle through the air. He lost his left arm above the elbow and his left leg above the knee. He has no memory of the accident." As a result, Galloway received a Purple Heart.

He Was Motivated By His Experiences

Galloway started the No Excuses Charitable Fund for wounded veterans. The fund raises money and awareness, and also does things like create "smart" homes for wounded vets.

He's Unsure Of His Fame

Getting the bronze on Dancing with the Stars and appearing weekly in American Grit isn't enough for Galloway to realize that he's famous. "There's a part of me that constantly thinks it's over, my 15 minutes are up," Galloway told Alabama.com. "Even after being on 'The View,' I thought, 'It's over. It's done.' I go through several emotions per day." Hope he's ready for the recognition he'll get after American Grit.

He's A Father Too

And if Galloway were my dad, I'd be too afraid to misbehave for fear of being sent to an American Grit-like obstacle course.

Images: Michael Lavine, lugbenro Ogunsemore/FOX