How Much Does Eyebrow Tinting Cost? It's Actually Pretty Affordable

Having to fill in your brows every day can be a pain, but if your brows are just too light for your liking, or if you've dyed/highlighted your hair and your brows no longer match, then you may be considering a more permanent solution, like eyebrow tinting. Are you wondering how much eyebrow tinting costs? You'll be totally stoked when you find out it's actually really affordable.

We all want our brows to be "on fleek" and such, but sometimes nature just isn't having that. If you've been filling in your light brows everyday, then it might be becoming seriously monotonous. Plus, the struggle of a pencil rubbing off is real. On the other hand, you may want to lighten your hair or dye it darker, and if that new shade doesn't match your brows, then it's going to look seriously freaky. In those situations, eyebrow tinting starts to sound pretty appealing. But then there's that one negative — the cost. So is it going to be a deal breaker? Not at all.

Eyebrow tinting is actually really affordable, costing around $20-$25 and it can last from four to six weeks.

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The moral of the story? Bold and beautiful brows are definitely not going to break your bank. And another upside? The grow-out is gentle, without really visible roots or obvious splotches, so if you want to wait longer than four to six weeks, totally up to you!

Thinking about taking the plunge? Bustle's Senior Fashion & Beauty editor, Kara McGrath, got her brows tinted, so you can read all about her experience here.

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Images: Kara McGrath