'RHONY's Bethenny Still Pays For Jason's Apartment & Their Situation Is Complicated

Are you one of those people who can calmly and politely watch divorce proceedings from the outside without nosing in? Congratulations, you and I have nothing in common, because I wake up every morning with a burning desire to know if Bethenny Frankel still pays for Jason Hoppy's apartment. This is just who I am, take me or leave me. If you can't handle me at my Real Housewives of New York-obsessed, you don't deserve me at my best.

As fellow devotees of the franchise, I'm sure we're all aware that Bethenny filed for divorce from Jason in January 2013, and the couple has been battling it out in court ever since. They were able to nail down a custody agreement for their 5-year old daughter Bryn Hoppy in June 2014, but there seems to be no end in sight when it comes to property negotiations. Many of the negotiations are confidential, but while they decide who's entitled to what in the division of their assets, what we do know is that Jason is still living in the apartment that the couple owns together. The property in question is a $5 million TriBeCa condo, and, since Bethenny has the vastly larger income of the two of them, the judge in their divorce case has reportedly ordered her to pay "all carrying charges" on the apartment, regardless of the fact that she isn't living there.

Allegedly, this comes down to over $11,000 a month, including $1,000 in utilities, $500 in housekeeping, and the remainder made up by other upkeep fees. So yes, Bethenny is literally paying for Jason's apartment right now. The only silver lining here is that apparently the agreement is only valid for a year, or until the divorce is finalized; it's unclear which of those deadlines supersedes the other, as a year will be approaching this May, and there seems to be no end in sight for the divorce. But I'm hopeful that these two will get things ironed out and disentangle their finances from each other in the very near future.

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