What Is Bethenny Frankel's Ex Jason Hoppy Doing Now? Living In Their Tribeca Apartment & Maybe Not Much Else

Having Bethenny Frankel on Real Housewives of New York has given viewers a look into the less-than-amicable divorce between her and her estranged husband Jason Hoppy. This is a relationship that we viewers watched blossom, flourish, and die, so it's sad to watch how bad things have become. We know that she is still maintaining her Skinnygirl empire, what is Bethenny's ex Jason Hoppy doing now?

The impending dissolution of Bethenny and Jason's marriage was apparent on the Real Housewives spin-off Bethenny Ever After, when the two fought — not squabbled, but like, seriously fought — on a helipad before a trip out to the Hamptons. Actually, they fought all the time. There is a clear distinction between everyday arguments and relationship-shaking fights, and Bethenny and Jason were fond of the latter. The former couple has brought this obvious animosity into their divorce proceedings, and, according to both the tabloids and Bethenny's own confessions on the Season 7 premiere of Real Housewives Of New York, Bethenny's divorce has gotten ugly.

Somehow, Jason has maintained control of the $5 million TriBeCa residence that the two renovated while still married, leaving Bethenny ostensibly without anywhere to live. (Fun fact? Jay-Z and Beyoncé also live in the building.) On RHONY, Bethenny cried that that was the place she worked her whole life to live in and now he has it, and you have to feel for her at least a little bit. After all, the cash that bought the apartment was more than likely Bethenny’s. Bethenny and Jason have thankfully worked out a custody arrangement according to People for their daughter, Bryn, but the divorce proceedings are far from over.

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com (which is admittedly not the most reliable of sites, but Jason has wiped his persona off the Internet for the most part), Jason came to New York with a dream... of being a real-estate agent in Manhattan. He was apparently good enough at his job to gain himself a net worth of about $5 million. Jason also dabbled in pharmaceutical sales. That man must be able to sell, huh?

I couldn't find much on his current job, but I'd have to assume that he is still a real estate agent or a consultant or something. During the taping of Bethenny Ever After, Jason pretty much flat-out refused to join the Skinnygirl business (did he know that the marriage was nearly over? I wonder), so he must have kept his job. Due to the high cost of living in New York, NYC real estate agents make boatloads on commission, and Jason probably needs it. I'm not sure that he is not seeing any of that Skinnygirl money any time soon. Even though Bethenny made most of her money during the time that she and Jason were married, there has to be a prenuptial agreement somewhere.

Though Bethenny quietly dated Michael “Mac” Cerussi until this past March according to The New York Daily News, there’s also no confirmation that Jason has seen anyone since he and Bethenny separated. Could it be he’s just trying to look good for the courts, or is he simply focusing all his time and money on taking care of his daughter? Either way, it seems like Jason has gone back to the life he lived before he met Bethenny, plus one very special piece of real estate.

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