The One Characteristic JoJo Has That Means She'll Find Love On 'The Bachelorette'

I don't think I could ever last on a reality TV dating show like The Bachelor. Aside from being petrified of embarrassing myself on television, I just wouldn't open up enough to find love in front of the public eye in such a short period of time. Plus, most of these Bachelor couples do not fare so well, so l would find it very tough to think that it was at all realistic that I would find love. That said, if anyone has a chance at finding love it's soon-to-be Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher, for one main reason: her willingness to put herself out there.

No matter what happens, JoJo never lets anything get her down and she is always willing to try again and open herself up to being vulnerable. The 25-year-old real estate developer understands that if you guard your heart, you will never be able to let someone in. Putting it all on the line means that you can lose everything and get extremely hurt, but it really is the only way that you can truly be available and end up finding love on a reality show.

She is still filming The Bachelorette currently, but fans have seen JoJo put herself out there many times already on The Bachelor.

She Wore A Unicorn Mask

JoJo really went all out right from the start on Ben Higgins' season. I mean, she popped out of the limo wearing a full unicorn face mask.

She Said "I Love You" First

It has to be so scary competing for love, but JoJo took on the task head on and told Ben that she loved him even though he was still dating two other women. JoJo's willingness to find love and admit the feeling that she has will help her be a successful star on The Bachelorette.

She Wore Neon Bikinis

Hear me out: JoJo's habit of wearing bright bikinis is symbolic of her behavior. JoJo is not the kind of person who is going to fade into the background and let life happen, she makes things happen on her own and with enthusiasm.

She Confronted Ben About Loving Lauren

JoJo wanted to know exactly what was going on when Ben was down to the final two. When JoJo had an honest talk with Ben on the bathroom floor about him being in love with two women it was one of the realest moments on The Bachelor — ever. It showed that JoJo is not afraid to take risks and ask questions even if she is afraid of the answers.

She (Literally) Throws Herself Into Everything She Does

Not only does JoJo put herself out there with her words, but she also made it a habit of literally putting herself out there by leaping up and jumping into Ben's arms. Not a lot of people would do this with someone they just met, so it shows that JoJo is willing to make a relationship happen fast.

She Became The Bachelorette Right After Heartache

JoJo had her heart handed to her on national television. She told Ben how much she loved him and he rejected her for Lauren B. Then, she had to watch it all in front of everyone and relive the experience. But she bounced back and accepted the main role on The Bachelorette and is willing to take on the task of finding love on reality TV again.

JoJo is very courageous and shares her thoughts and feelings whenever she can. Her willingness to put herself out there will help her find love on her season of The Bachelorette. (Hopefully.)

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