Bruce Doesn't Want to Be On TV Anymore

The Kardashian dynasty may finally come to an end next year, with the loss of its patriarch. According to TMZ, Bruce Jenner is quitting Keeping Up With the Kardashians. He evidently doesn't want to return for another season, which is a shame. I mean, he might not get a say in anything the family does, but he's an important figurehead who chauffeurs the youngest of the clan, makes awkward jokes, and sometimes even gets a storyline.

The show could easily go on without Bruce's golf scenes, but that's not where the risk lies. The dynasty is likely going to lose its princess too, Kim Kardashian. Last year, Kim told DuJour magazine that she didn't want to return after the show's ninth season, which is currently airing on E! However, she quickly took to her blog to clarify that the entire family has signed on through season 10, but hinted that she might leave after that.

So unless the true leader, Kris Jenner, decides to let Bruce out of his contract before that tenth season, he'll likely be there for the inevitable "Kim's Best Moments" goodbye special. And though that does leave a slew of other Kardashian-Jenners, this might be the end of Keeping Up With the Kardashians as we know it.

Khloe is going through, well, a lot right now and might take the privacy that an E!-camera-free life has to offer. Kourtney has never seemed to particularly care about being on the show and only allows her two children limited screen time. No one really watches the show for Kendall and Kylie, and the two youngest sisters are off pursuing their own modeling and fashion design careers — they'll be able to keep busy, for sure.

Who does that leave? Kris and a certain someone who's not even legally part of the family.

Who wouldn't watch Kris and Scott Take [Any City]? Just the two of them, drinking and shopping their way across America. It sounds like the ideal show, really. The only person who wouldn't be into is probably Scott himself, since he'd have to spend all of his time with Kris.

But with a big enough paycheck, E! could make it worth his while. Even it's with Kris, being paid to shop and drink seems like a career made for Scott.

Thank you Bruce, for bringing us one step closer to Scott's world domination. Soon, the Lord will inherit the throne.

Update: Of course Kris Jenner couldn't stand the thought of not commenting on the situation and has confirmed Bruce will be on KUWTK through Season 10.

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