What Does Anita Hill Think Of HBO's 'Confirmation'? She's Said Audiences Can "Learn" From The Film

Back in October 1991, Anita Hill testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee that Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas had allegedly sexually harassed her. Thomas repeatedly denied Hill's accusations. Now, HBO is telling that story with the movie Confirmation, premiering Saturday, April 16. But, what does Anita Hill think about Confirmation bringing to light the events that happened nearly 25 years ago? Bustle reached out to Hill for comment, but has not yet received a response.

While Hill, who is now a law professor, could understandably be reluctant to relive this traumatic part of her life, she has been speaking to the media recently about the film. Professor Hill went on the Today show on April 11 and spoke with Savannah Guthrie saying she has already seen the film and she supports the story it tells, especially since it will introduce a new generation to the tale. "It's important for us, I think, to relive the story and continue to learn the lessons from it," Hill said. "So that's why the film is important and having a younger audience — 25 years is a long time — an entire generation has grown up and has never really witnessed this event."

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According to Hill's Today show interview, Kerry Washington, who not only portrays Hill but is an executive producer of Confirmation, spoke with Hill in preparation for the role. And, Hill appeared to only have positive things to say about Washington and her performance, telling Guthrie, "Most importantly, I think, she just wanted to know not only how I felt during the confirmation hearing, but what was I thinking. And, that really was encouraging to have someone wanting to know what was my thinking pattern, what was going on in my mind, during this whole episode."


Hill also spoke to Guthrie about how she feels Confirmation portrays some of the hostile attitudes she experienced accurately. "It was quite vicious at times and I think the film shows that very, very well — very clearly," Hill said.

Her interview on Today echoed sentiments Hill shared with Time on April 6 about the historical importance of the hearings and how she is glad the movie will be putting this story back into the spotlight. As for accusations from some conservatives that Confirmation is "liberal propaganda," Hill told Time, "I really don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. I know that there was a lot of research done, there was outreach to people involved on all sides of the issues."

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Confirmation premieres on Saturday, April 16 at 8 p.m. on HBO. As you watch Washington in this very real role, you can know that Hill, 25 years later, still stands behind her claims — and supports the film portraying them.

Image: Frank Masi/HBO