Ranking Aria's Earrings On 'Pretty Little Liars' From Totally Bonkers To Very Chic — PHOTOS

Oh, Aria. Pretty Little Liars is often home to some pretty fabulously out there fashion choices, and Ms. Montgomery here is often the most eccentrically dressed of all — and her accessories game is correspondingly wild. Suffice it to say, Aria's worn a lot of crazy earrings on PLL — and it's definitely something worth celebrating.

Aria famously knows almost no bounds when it comes to her sartorial life — which is, thanks to the show's costume designers, always awesome, no matter how outlandish. Though outlandish is definitely par for the course for Aria — in the immortal words of her mother, Ella Montgomery, "Wait, why am I asking you? You wear forks as earrings." While we've never actually seen Aria wear fork earrings before, there's definitely more than a grain of truth to Ella's sage words: her daughter doesn't exactly have the most, shall we say, discerning taste in earrings.

That said, her triumphs are as plentiful as her missteps, and she's worn a lot of amazing looks over the course of PLL's six seasons, earrings included. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at some of her earrings, ranked from absolutely insane to covetably stylish.

30. The Craft Store Flowers

When you take as many fashion risks as Aria, there are sure to be a lot of swings and misses — like these floppy baby pink floral earrings.

29. The Acid Green Hoops

I honestly have no idea what's going on here.

28. The Striped Hoops

I can't even.

27. The Biggest Earrings Ever

Hopefully, those metal pieces are hollow.

26. The Feathers

Straight-up iconic, but also kind of frightening.

25. More Feathers

Look, I'm on board with most of Aria's fashion choices, but these earrings are not one of them.

24. Even More Feathers

Wispier, but still pretty in your face.

23. 2 Feathers 2 Furious

Yeah, Ms. Aria definitely has a penchant for majorly oversized feathers. Though the matching eyeshadow is a nice touch.

22. The Chunky Squares

Cool, in an ugly kind of way.

21. The Rock Studded Earrings

A nice nod to her punk-ish leanings.

20. The Dangly Beads

How's that for a pop of color?

19. The REALLY Dangly Beads

Aria sure knows how to rock her statement pieces.

18. The Dangliest Beads In All The Land

Seriously, they're like bead curtains for your ears.

17. The Copper Leaves

Nature-inspired jewelry is always in.

16. The Oversized Hoops

Her comic book-printed dress is definitely the star here, but her earrings draw a lot of focus as well.

15. The Cowgirl Hoops

Oversized embellished hoops make the perfect accoutrement for her embroidered chambray shirt and turquoise-adorned cowboy hat.

14. The Mismatched Hearts

It's tough to tell from this picture, but her earrings are actually different lengths, which adds a nice, edgy touch.

13. The Chain Earrings

Definitely less showstopping than some of her other looks, but still very cool and stylish in their own right.

12. The Dangly Medallions

Another slightly more subdued look.

11. The Geometric Double Hoops

Hoops might just be the way to go with her new short crop.

10. The Pearls

Aria can pull off the whole classic look as well; never mind the fact that she's wearing a black and white striped tube top underneath her burgundy sheer dress.

9. The Embellished Hoops

Adds a fun twist to her look, though watch out for Rhonda!

8. The Chandelier Earrings


7. The Dangliest Earrings Ever

Intense, but ultimately pretty awesome.

6. The Square Hoops

Squares make a fun way to shake things up.

5. The Hardware-Inspired Danglies

Kind of badass, right?

4. The Spiky Hoops

Tres chic.

3. The Brooch-Like Studs

Leave it to post-time jump Aria to keep her earring game as strong as ever, while also toning things down a bit.

2. The Wavy Hoops

Aria's worn a lot of hoops over the course of six seasons, and these might just be one of her best pairs.

1. The Retro Costume Jewelry

The clothes and the accessories were major players in making PLL's noir episode work, and Aria's oversized enamel earrings are no exception.

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Images: Eric McCandless/Freeform; Pretty Little Liars/Freeform (29)