Get This Cool Look Inspired by Camden, London’s Edgiest Neighborhood

When you think of London, a few things probably come to mind: the royal family, the notoriously gray weather, and the famous tourist attractions. But if you're traveling there, you shouldn't overlook the unorthodox charms that are unique to each neighborhood. For example, when you enter the bustling neighborhood of Camden, located in the heart of London, you're exposed to the area's live music scene (a favorite amongst punks, goths, and indie fans), along with some the best (and coolest) shopping spots the city has to offer.

Take one stroll in this swanky neighborhood and you'll encounter an array of wannabe rockers that are dressed in head-to-toe black, low-cut skinnies, and forever-cool leather jackets. Given its reputation as a hub for tattoo parlors and alternative streetwear, it's basically a playground for the punk rock-obsessed. Camden is also home to some of the biggest open-air markets. With hundreds of shops and stalls selling antique goods, household items, and retro-inspired clothes, there's plenty to inspire you. Basically, Camden embodies the alternative culture in London.

We've teamed up with Rimmel London to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know when you visit this side of town. Consider it your ultimate Camden street-style guide.

What To Do...

If you're a music lover, and better yet, appreciate live music, then you're in the right neighborhood. Camden has more than a fair share of music venues, but Bar Fly and the Jazz Cafe are two absolute must-sees. The Jazz Cafe has been bringing in respected jazz and soul musicians for years (the late Amy Winehouse, Adele, Bobby Womack), and most recently has updated its venue to bring in exciting new talent such as Swedish soul singer Fatima. Bar Fly, on the other hand is more of a club scene catering to rock and alternative music fans.

You can also get your shop on by checking out one of the many open-air markets. Camden Market covers the northern end of Camden Town and has more than a handful of niche shops within this area. Get ready to uncover some hidden gems.

What To Wear...

When in doubt, bring the leather out. Glam rock fashion rose to fame in the UK in the '70s thanks to artists like David Bowie, who rocked platform heels and glittery makeup while also incorporating the same level of eccentricity into his music.

Use this era as an inspiration but try softening the look in order to pull it off in a modern way. Simply throw on a leather jacket over your favorite skin-tight jeans and slip on your favorite black booties. If you're feeling a bit more wild, pair your jacket with a red pleather skirt and a striped crew-neck tee, then accessorize the look with some studded bracelets.

Getting The London Look...

Red lips and classic cat eyes will never go out of style. But, like the edgy neighborhood of Camden, we're interested in more than just a classic flick of the wrist. To get more drama— a lot more drama — sweep a black gel liner (like Rimmel London's ScandalEyes Gel Eyeliner) from the inner corner of your eye across the lid to the end of your brow. Then, line your bottom lash line with a black kohl pencil. Don't be afraid to get a little messy! It's what makes the look so edgy.

Finish the look with a bright, fiery, in-your-face red lipstick, like Rimmel London's The Only 1 Lipstick in "Best of the Best." It's the type of color that looks beautiful on its own, but when paired with a heavy black liner, you're instantly upgraded from pretty to badass.

Check out the full video below on how to get this edgy London look!

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Photos: Lauren Perlstein; Illustrations: Mary Rabun / Bustle; Styling: Jenna Wexler; Makeup: Elisa Flowers; Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi