Watch This Hilarious History Of The British Royal Family From 1066 Until Today — VIDEO

The Royal Family's intricacies have finally been spelled out for us as blatantly as ever thanks to one animated YouTube video. That's right, the years 1066 to present have been outlined in the animated history of the British royal family, and it's the only history lesson you need for today, so you can officially blow off studying for your test on Friday. Beyond William and Kate and the new haircut she debuted today, how much do you actually know about Great Britain's history? (Maybe you're a scholar, and far be it from me to assume otherwise. But, if you're anything like me, you're basing your assumptions mainly off old Shakespeare plays.)

On Wednesday, the Queen becomes the UK's longest-reigning monarch. So in conjunction with this, YouTuber CPG Grey gave us an abridged history lesson, starting with William I and ending with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. He focuses the family tree on the kids we care about, and trims the fat wherever he can (due respect to all the princes and princesses not mentioned in this video). There are a lot of "stalemates" because the fighting tactics weren't quite up to speed, and the whole family (especially in the earlier years) can be trusted to stab the others in the back — especially those damn jealous cousins. Here are a couple highlights:

Empress Mathilda Got Heavily Screwed, Then A War Broke Out

This happened more often than not.

A Lot Of People Died Of Dysentery

And it was sad.

Bigger Army Diplomacy Is Often A Result Of Everything

~History Repeats Itself~.

So Many People Were Named James:

And Mary Queen of Scots was thrown in there somewhere.

And Here's The Situation With The Current Line Up:

Queen Elizabeth will become the longest-reigning queen in world history. After Elizabeth II, the crown will continue to Charles (the longest heir apparent in British history), then to his son William, then to William and Kate's son, George. Watch the full video here:

CGP Grey on YouTube

Animated education is my favorite kind. (No offense to my history profs, whom I also loved dearly.)

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