Tom Hiddleston Finally Addresses 'Sherlock' Rumors In Tribeca Shortlist Interview & It's So Endearing — VIDEO EXCLUSIVE

There is a new streaming service in town, and it is clearly a winner. Why? Because it is Tom Hiddleston approved. Even better, it is finally giving the world a definitive answer on Hiddleston's alleged involvement in Sherlock Season 4. In an exclusive clip from Tribeca Shortlist, Hiddleston addresses those Sherlock rumors — and while you might not love his answers, he is so adorable giving them, you'll likely forgive him for not donning a deerstalker with his friend Benedict Cumberbatch.

That's right gang, for the first time ever, Hiddleston has revealed he will definitely not be in Sherlock Season 4. In fact, he said he's not entirely sure how the rumors about his alleged involvement got started in the first place — and that while he and Cumberbatch have been pals for a long time, they won't be playing brothers on the hit BBC series this season. In addition to finally clearing up the rumors about the next Bond film and not joining the game in Sherlock Season 4, Hiddleston also talks about how flattered he is every single time he is asked to play an iconic character in the clip. Yes, it is as endearing as you are imagining it will be.

I am as bummed as you are that Hiddleston won't be in Sherlock Season 4 and isn't in any serious talks to be Bond, but it is not like there is a lack of Hiddleston goodness ahead. With The Night Manager coming soon to AMC stateside and Thor: Ragnarok currently filming, Hiddleston is keeping busy. He's also doing this nifty thing with Tribeca Shortlist...

Tribeca Shortlist on YouTube

The clip comes from the Tribeca Shortlist series, Outtake, and is just part of the Hiddleston goodness the site is bringing your way. Tribeca Shortlist is a curated movie site that features famous "shortlisters" who curate their own lists of films for your viewing pleasure. This spring, Hiddleston will become a shortlister for Tribeca Shortlist, and put together his own collection of films that have inspired, influenced, and entertained him over the years.

That's right, soon you will be able to watch Hiddleston approved movies for the low price of $4.99 a month. The site also features a 14-day free trial.

Hiddleston is not the only Hollywood A-lister who is helping curate content for the streaming site. Each month, part of the site's film collection will leave to make room for new shortlisters' picks. In addition to Hiddleston, Alec Baldwin, Martha Stewart, Wendy Williams, Craig Ferguson, John Leguizamo, Andrea Navedo, Tyler Perry, Brett Ratner, Morgan Spurlock, Matthew Modine, and more have curated lists of films. As for the films, they are seriously quality stuff, which cuts out on all the searching you would normally do. From Run Lola Run to The Graduate and An Education, Tribeca Shortlist is all about featuring movies that you actually want to watch.

If you want to check out the service for yourself, Tribeca Shortlist is available on Apple TV, Roku® players, Roku TV™ models, and the Roku Streaming Stick®, Amazon Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, online, and as a subscription to Amazon Prime members through Amazon Video.

Tribeca Shortlist will be announcing when Hiddleston's list will hit the site soon, so brace yourself — Hiddleston will be geeking out over movies very soon.