Can Laurel Return On 'Arrow'? Black Canary May Fly Again

Characters die all the time on TV, right? Well, when it comes to comic book-based superhero shows, the rules change a little bit. Sure, characters die all the time, but sometimes they come back. And, in the case of certain series, characters come back from the dead a lot. So, with The CW's track record of reviving characters, can Laurel Lance return from the dead on Arrow ? Certainly, Arrow has already established that there are forces within its world that are capable of bringing people back to life.

For the most part, those resurrections have been thanks to the Lazarus Pit on Nanda Parbat. This Fountain of Youth was used to restore both Thea Queen and Sara Lance back to life following their deaths — though the pit has a nasty habit of bringing people back without their souls fully intact. We've also seen Oliver return from being stabbed through the chest by Ra's al Ghul with some very powerful herbs. (Ironically, it seems the doctors of Star City are the least effective at healing members of Team Arrow.) However, when it comes to death, it seems the Lazarus Pit is the only thing capable of resurrecting Laurel, and that was sealed by Nyssa al Ghul. So, between resurrections and other methods, here's how Laurel can return to The CW's DC Comics universe.



Of course, Laurel has been a big part of Arrow since the beginning, and was especially an important person to Oliver. So, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that she would return in some kind of flashback. We do need to know what her final words to Oliver are, after all. Plus, Entertainment Weekly already confirmed Laurel will return in flashbacks in the episodes following her death. So that's a good sign.

Earth-2 Doppelgänger


When The Flash introduced the concept of the multiverse, the show also established that characters killed off could still return — just as alternate versions of themselves. That was the case with Ronnie Raymond and will be again with Laurel Lance since TV Line reported Cassidy will appear on The Flash as Earth-2's Black Siren. Hopefully, The Flash will leave the door open for Black Siren to stick around longer than Earth-2 Ronnie, who only appeared in one episode.


If the Lazarus Pit exists, there might be some other magical item/location that's capable of bringing Laurel back to life. Personally, I doubt the show will attempt to pull this off, though. They've already brought Thea and Sara back from the dead, and they rescued Ray Palmer from his assumed death (even though he simply got himself into a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids situation). After spending most of the season building up the mystery of who's in the grave, it would take all the punch out of that storyline if they brought Laurel back from the dead now.

So, for those of us still mourning the loss of Laurel Lance on Arrow, at least we can take heart in the fact that this is a comic book show, and no one is ever really dead on comic book shows (except maybe Moira Queen and Tommy Merlyn).

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