Wendy’s Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich & Ghost Pepper Fries Are Back With A Spicy Vengeance

Heat seekers, rejoice! Wendy's ghost pepper sandwich and fries are officially back! That's right: 2015's spiciest hits, the Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Ghost Pepper Fries, have returned for your esophagus-scorching pleasure. You remember these atomic menu items, right? They were only around for a brief period of time — such is the nature of the limited edition menu item — but tongue-tingling sandwich, along with its side dish of taste bud torching fries, quickly developed a cult following after its initial release.

To refresh your memory and/or your fire-proof palette, the Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich boasts 10 different sources of heat — red pepper, chili pepper, jalapeno, paprika, black pepper, cayenne, capsicum, habanero, red jalapeno and, of course, one of the hottest chili peppers known to humankind, the ghost pepper. The ghost pepper kick comes from a mysterious ghost pepper sauce, which, along with a hearty dose of diced jalapenos, adorns Wendy's classic spicy chicken breast. The whole thing comes delivered on a red jalapeno bun — and thrown in for good measure? A slice of Colby Pepper Jack cheese and some red onions. As for the Ghost Pepper Fries, well, they're naturally also topped with the ghost pepper sauce ... in addition to diced jalapenos and a plethora of cheese. (Yes, a plethora even.)

In a press release provided to Bustle, Wendy's Chief Concept & Marketing Officer Kurt Kane spoke to the spicy combo's irresistible appeal, saying, “Both of these products are game changers because the heat and spice are intense, while the flavor combination is truly craveable. It’s products like these that you can only get (and will keep getting) at Wendy’s.”

You're probably wondering how you can get your hands and/or mouth on these scorchers, right? Well, there's good news, more good news, some potentially bad news, and some legit bad news where that's concerned. As for the good news, the super-spicy sandwich and fries are in stores right now; you can even find all the nutrition info online should you so desire. The potentially bad news is that it's possible this resurrected menu item isn't available in your neck of the woods — it can only be acquired at participating locations. You'll have to call up your nearest Wendy's and ask to see if they've got it there.

And finally, though I hate to be the bearer of bad news, here goes the worst of : Wendy's Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Ghost Pepper Fries are only available for a limited time. There isn't a precise end date yet, but know, fellow spice lovers, that sooner rather than later the sun will set once more on these mouth-numbing treats.

Until that day comes, though, go forth and nom-nom-nom with reckless abandon. Depending on the market in which you live, expect to shell out around $4.99 for the sandwich, $1.99 for the fries, and whatever an endless drink refill costs, 'cause you're gonna need something to wash down the kung-fu punch of spiciness assaulting your palette.

Images: Wendy's