'Southern Charm's Cameran Loves Cracker Barrel

And here I thought I couldn't love this Southern Charm leading lady more than I already do. On Tuesday, Cameran Eubanks celebrated her anniversary the only way she knows how. As she shared in a hilarious Twitter post, Cameran went to Cracker Barrel for her second wedding anniversary. I assume her husband, Jason Wimberly, took the photo of his wife beaming and enjoying dinner at her "favorite restaurant."

Alongside the picture, the 32-year-old star wrote, "Celebrating 2 years of marriage at my favorite restaurant @CrackerBarrel. Yes I look hit." According to Urban Dictionary, looking "hit" means someone doesn't look nice appearance wise. Well, I most definitely have to disagree with that here. Cameran always looks on point. (Oh, and for those who don't know what Cracker Barrel is, it is a Southern country-themed chain restaurant that serves homestyle cooking and has antiques on display. It even has a general store where customers can buy all kinds of goodies, including Jumbo Checkers.)

As fans of the Bravo series know, Cameran is extremely down-to-earth and doesn't need her life to be too fancy. The fact that she celebrated such a special occasion at a restaurant her co-star Patricia Altschul probably wouldn't be caught dead in is no surprise at all.

As showcased in Monday's episode of Southern Charm, Cameran had a dinner party and hired an expert to help her become "domesticated." I mean, Cameran's wine glasses and pots and pans were still in boxes. And, yes, they were given as wedding presents. But does that really shock anyone? That's just who Cameran is and she doesn't apologize for it, which is why I adore her.

Clearly, she had a great time at Cracker Barrel. Do you see that huge grin on her face? I'd be smiling like that if I had a huge plate of macaroni and cheese in front me, too.

Never change, Cameran.