10 Funny Tax Day Memes To Help You Cope

by Chelsey Grasso

I don't think anybody is a fan of tax season. I know I'm not, and I'm pretty sure every H&R employee isn't either (because no amount of money is worth that much overtime). Chances are, by now you have already filed your taxes, and you can totally relate to these horrendously accurate yet funny tax memes.

These hilarious (yet depressingly true) memes will help you cope while you try to decompress from the trauma of tax season. A little wine and The Beatles' "Money" on repeat might help too. From figuring out which document you need to be filling out to rounding up all your W-2s, there is no way to escape filing your taxes... but at least you can laugh at the whole thing afterward, right?

As for the good news? Well, I think it is fair to say that we can all commiserate together, and by "we," I mean all of America. Who knew something so dreaded could be such a wonderful icebreaker at the water cooler or during happy hour? There is less pain when it's shared, so start texting, posting, and Snapchatting about how much filing your taxes last minute this weekend sucked with the help of some of these memes.

Images: MemeCenter