Blake Shelton Saves Paxton Over Joe On 'The Voice' & Fans Are Not Happy

I cannot be the only one who was shocked by what went down on The Voice, right? First off, I'm pretty confused and surprised by Blake Shelton saving Paxton over Joe on The Voice . He decided to save Paxton Ingram, who is super talented and did a nice job with "How Deep Is Your Love," but was that really the right call? It just seems like Joe Maye has so much talent to harness. Sure, he still needs some coaching to polish his performances, but isn't getting mentored the point of being on this show? I get that Joe's rendition of "Long Time Running" was not 100 percent perfect, but there is just no denying the raw talent that this dude has.

I think that Joe really could have benefited from the coaching as a member of Team Blake if he stuck around a little bit longer. Plus, it's definitely better to reel in the charisma and add some refinement than to try and make someone have a personality. Joe has a great stage presence and a wonderful voice. It was pretty shocking that Blake Shelton did not decide to use his one save to keep him in the competition. Plus, I am not the only one who feels this way. Twitter was absolutely blowing up when Blake Shelton did not decide to save Joe. Just type in "Joe #VoiceResults" and you will see what I mean. There is a lot of people who are very vocal about their Joe Maye fandom.

The fans may be bitter at the decision Blake made, but Joe is not. He is a class act and grateful for the experience on The Voice.

Let it be clear, I am not trying to disrespect Paxton Ingram by any means. He is a talented singer, but it just seems like Blake let a fan favorite slip through his fingers with this latest decision. So, even if Joe Maye is out of the competition, he has a lot of love from his new fans so that is a definite bright side.

Images: Tyler Golden/NBC