How To Temporarily Dye Your Hair, Whether You're Going To A Festival Or On Vacation

Something about summer makes people want to go all out when it comes to their appearance, especially when festival season arrives. From elaborate manicures, like Vanessa Hudgens $190 bedazzled mani, to impeccably applied henna, people are all about experimenting with beauty trends. One of the easiest ways to spice up your look for festival season is with temporary colored hair, which you can effortlessly achieve with Joico's new hair color spray.

The newest creation from the hair company, officially named InstaTint Temporary Color Shimmer Sprays, gives you shimmery strands without committing to a permanent color or a product that will mess up your hair (I tried a temporary color once and ended up having to chop off a few inches of my hair because it was so sticky and wouldn't wash out). The Joico InstaTint lasts up to three days and washes out with only one shampoo, making it the perfect solution for those of you who crave a crazy color on the weekend, but have to go to work on Monday.

It comes in five shades, including a coral, a dark blue, a teal, a pink and a purple. The best part? A bottle of the stuff only costs $9.99.

Actually, I might argue that the best part about these hair color sprays is that they are easy to apply and also brushable. There's nothing worse than having sticky hair that you can't run your fingers through.

This sprayable color gives you the flexibility to change your look completely, or simply paint a few strands for a pop of color.

The moral of the story, is that this spray hair color is basically made for Coachella. Want some colorful tresses for three days without worrying about it. Sign me up.

Joico Instatint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray, $10, Amazon

Image: Joico/Instagram,