These Dandelion Beauty Recipes Will Put That Pretty Weed To Good Use — PHOTOS

Flowers in skin care have become my new obsession and the benefits of dandelion root have only further fueled my love for adding pretty flowery ingredients to my DIY beauty projects. Dandelions are flowers that I grew up with. While I was accustomed to rubbing the yellow petals to tint literally everything I could get my hands on, it hadn’t occurred to me as a child that those petals could be giving my skin a truly soothing treatment. According to sources at Stylecraze, the milky white pulp, the greens, the root, and the petals of dandelion provide nutritious benefits that can be used in skin and hair care. It's definitely, not your average weed.

The same article at Stylecraze explains how dandelion can be used as an effective acne treatment due to its detoxifying properties. Since dandelions contain vitamin C, it healing properties can be used for reversing signs of aging and scars. This natural growing “weed” is also believed to be rich in vitamins A, B, and D which all skin types can benefit from. While many people benefit from taking dandelion extract internally, topical applications are super easy to make. Plus, let’s face it — they're way more fun for a DIY beauty night.

1. Hair Rinse

Anything that can be made into a tea is something I’m super interested in putting into my hair. Dandelion root is has antioxidant properties that any scalp can reap the benefits of. I like to mix dandelion root tea and apple cider vinegar for a rinse that removes excess product and cleanses my scalp without leaving it feeling dry.

2. Dandelion Root Coffee Scrub

Caffeine can stimulate circulation, which helps brighten up your skin after a night of less sleep than you were craving. I love treating my skin to a morning coffee mask. My new favorite way to do this is by adding dandelion root straight from the tea bag to honey and fresh coffee grinds. The dandelion root exfoliates and gives you all those delicious benefits we discussed above.

3. Dandelion & Calendula Facial Steam

Facial steams are my new bestie and I’ve been treating myself to one at least once a week. One way to feel less congested is to gently is to infuse hot water with dandelion root and calendula flowers. Create a tent with a towel and enjoy the steam for about 15 minutes. This spa-like treatment can be done in the comfort of your home while you enjoy some peace and quiet.

4. Dandelion Root Soothing Face Wash

Since dandelion root is good for acne, it only makes sense to use the gentle grains from the tea to make a killer scrub. For a daily cleanser, I made a tea with calendula and dandelion (a combined tablespoon), then mixed it in a blender with raw honey and a teaspoon of turmeric. This mix will be perishable, but I've kept mine for about two weeks in the refrigerator with no sign of spoiling.

5. Dandelion Root Facial Mist

Make a tea with dandelion root and spritz on your face when you need instant hydration. I like to use rose water and dandelion root and this mist can definitely be used on bare skin or after you’ve applied makeup. It's the perfect pick-me-up on a hot summer day!

Image: Pixabay; Kristin Collins Jackson (5)