Ranking The 'Rich Kids' By Net Worth

by Kayla Hawkins

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills all have the coveted 90210 zip code and Instagram accounts featuring bottle service and spin class, but not all rich progeny were created equal. Some are the sons & daughters of actual billionaires, while others have to settle for simply being self-made hundred-thousandaires. Ranking the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills by net worth will show that you might be surprised at who has the deepest pockets and who has to watch their budget (well, compared to their fellow cast members, not compared to any non-Beverly Hills residents).

While it may seem as though this cast spends literally all of their time shopping at Barney's or planning a trip where they can split thousand-dollar tabs, they also manage to manage careers as well. But, since most of the cast gets their real wealth from their parents, I'm going to count family net worths as a worthy contribution to this ranking system. It's very scientific, you see — a way to determine just how accurate the title of this series is. Read on for the specific details, but, it should come as no surprise that it turns out that the so-called Rich Kids of Beverly Hills actually have the bank accounts to back up their spendy ways.

7. Bianca Espada, TBD

Bianca is still brand new in this cast, and hasn't even appeared in a single episode yet. And, just like her place in the cast, her net worth is TBD. But, unlike some of the others, she doesn't have a famous family member or a wildly successful career yet, so I'm going to tentatively place her at the bottom of the list.

6. Brendan Fitzpatrick, $500,000

As a successful real estate agent, Brendan brokers million-dollar deals. But, he isn't necessarily earning millions just yet, since Celebrity Net Worth reports that he's currently only worth half a million.

5. Jonny Drubel, $800,000

While Jonny's net worth does not rank him highest among his costars, he gets points, like Brendan, for being a mostly self-made man. Of course, growing up relatively affluent can't hurt, but according to Celebrity Net Worth, Jonny's money comes from his work as a musician and songwriter.

4. Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff, Between $1-5 Million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the musician/model is worth a respectable $1 million, but the Daily Mail claims Taylor's net worth could be as high as $5 million.

3. EJ Johnson, $2 Million

TheRichest claims that EJ is worth $1 million, which isn't bad for a relatively recent grad who's already made a name for himself. Even though his father, basketball legend Magic Johnson, is worth a whole lot more — $500 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

2. Morgan Stewart, $5 Million

Morgan may still be figuring out her career path, but whether it's through savvy investments or simply some loans from her parents, TheRichest estimates that she's got $5 million in the bank. And, I look forward to watching her spend quite a bit of that on her upcoming wedding.

1. Dorothy Wang, $10 Million

Hailing from a family worth literally billions according to Forbes, it's no surprise that Dorothy tops out as the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star with the highest net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dorothy's got more in her accounts than the rest of the cast combined. While all of the "Rich Kids" live up to their name, Dorothy is in a whole other league.

Image: Mathieu Young/E! Entertainment