Girls Who Read Are Sexier

If your ideal Valentine's Day is spent with a book, there are a few things to note. The first: What's up? You're in good company. Second: There's a whole league of gents who think you're just the girl.

In "Girls Who Read," poet Mark Grist puts to rest that bimbos are best, and announces that he’d rather find a female with an “addiction for fiction.” (Hey, you browsing the Books vertical at Bustle — we know you're into it.) While we’ve always know that smarts are the sexiest, it’s more than a little satisfying to have them highlighted in this perfectly on point video.

Grist acknowledges that ultimately he picks mind over makeup when it comes to finding love. So, be you loved up or a little lonely this V-Day, remember that you’re beautiful because of your bookishness, not in spite of it. Oh, but don’t let that mega-brain of yours get in the way of niceties; as Grist says of his ideal girl, “She’d still be sweet and still be flirty because she loves the classics and they’re pretty dirty.”

Here's the whole video:

Aces, right?

Image: Mark Grist