15 Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Twitter Reactions That Show Fans Are So Ready For This Line

If anyone was going to one up the massive debut of Beyonce's Ivy Park x Topshop activewear collection, it would be Rihanna. How did she do it? Well, Rihanna is creating Fenty Beauty By Rihanna, her own makeup collection, according to Women's Wear Daily. The news dropped on April 14, the same day as Bey's clothing line, stealing some of the spotlight. But there is room to celebrate both divas! Rihanna's makeup collection won't be available until Fall 2017, which is over a year away. That didn't stop the Twitterverse, makeup mavens, and various members of Rihanna's Navy from expressing their excitement in 140 characters or less and with lots of emojis.

In addition to being one of the biggest fashion influencers of her generation, RiRi's makeup looks are always edgy and something that her fans want to copy. Her limited edition MAC collabo was aces and she has an extensive portfolio of perfumes. So a Fenty Beauty By Rihanna collection was the next logical step.

It's going to be tough to wait almost a year-and-a-half to be able to rock Rihanna makeup products. But something tells me that the "Work" singer will make it worth every ounce of patience and passion expended by her fans.

Rihanna hasn't posted anything on her Instagram feed regarding Fenty Beauty By Rihanna just yet. She hasn't tweeted the news either.


That could be because she is busy on tour and is letting her PR team handle the initial circulation of the news.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That said, I look forward to future teases directly from Rihanna herself on social media.

Let's see how people and fans reacted to news of her makeup exploits via Twitter.

Excitement is already in the air.

The power of wishful thinking!

This user points out the scope of Rihanna's collabo.

My thoughts exactly.

Finally, someone else who understands my makeup struggles.

It's never too soon to start getting excited.

Fans are already pledging to spend their loot on the line.

RiRi devotees are already musing about what Fenty Beauty By Rihanna might include. Here's hoping.

It's true that Rihanna's makeup looks are always cool AF.

This user certainly "gets" that Rihanna is working with a fabulous team.

Because Rihanna is always #MakeupGoals.

I would also wager that RiRi's cosmetics collection with be epic.

Sending up a prayer of thanks!

At least this beauty warned us!

This makeup lover's tweet was so cute. I so feel her pain!

I am so ready for Rihanna's makeup collection! So is Twitter.