What's Roxy Sowlaty Doing Now? The Former 'Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills' Star Is Still Working Hard

Roxy Sowlaty was one of the original cast members of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, but she's not going to be returning for the show's upcoming Season 4. So, if she's not filming more seasons of #RKOBH, what is Roxy Sowlaty up to? Even though she's not going to be on the series, she hasn't stopped being a total "Rich Kid." But as we saw in the first episode of the entire series, Roxy always had a little bit of an outsider view from the rest of the cast, since she was "cut off" from her unlimited access to her parents' credit cards. Granted, she did have the luxury of staying in their mansion while she got on her own two feet, but that can't have been easy when the rest of her friends continued to enjoy unlimited weekend trips on private planes without having to worry about their credit limit or waking up to go to work on Monday.

And even though she continued to hang out with her friends, Roxy slowly started to get a little distant from them, too. The biggest example of that was when her formerly close friendship with Morgan Stewart began to dissolve, ultimately driving them totally apart. But Roxy's still not far from the rest of the cast — and she's working hard to ensure that she transforms from a "Rich Kid" to a successful adult.

She's Still Working As A Designer

The last time Roxy appeared on #RKOBH, she was living vicariously through the unlimited budgets of her design clients. She's come a long way since Season 1.

She Has Some Other E! Friends

Roxy may not be in the inner Rich Kids circle anymore, but she's knows a member of the Kardashian family — that's basically reality TV royalty.

She Celebrates Her Culture

You can see Roxy's design chops come through on her family's celebratory display for Nowrooz, the Persian New Year.

She's Seeing A New Guy

While Roxy was on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, she was always having dating problems. Now that she's no longer going to be a cast member, she has what looks like a pretty serious relationship. Worth it? I think worth it.

She Is Still Close With Her Sister

Roxy's relationship with her sister is so tight that it actually came up on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, when she claimed that she shunned Taylor Hasselhoff after her fellow cast member was mean to her sister.

And Lychee Still Runs The Show

It's obvious that Lychee Lou is still the number one HBIC in this family. Even though some things about Roxy have changed since she left Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, a whole lot more has stayed just the same for this self-described "princess" turned businesswoman.