Roxy Sowlaty From 'Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills' Talks Season 3 Spoilers, Drama, & Finding Her Independence

The fabulous lives of Beverly Hills' elite is back for a Season 3 with #RichKids of Beverly Hills , which means more parties, more top shelf alcohol, and more glitz and glam than I know what to do with — I live vicariously, sue me. Roxy Sowlaty, a returning #RKOBH cast member, promises lots of drama for the upcoming season when I spoke with her. "Compared to the last one, I think a ten," she ranks the drama for the season.

"It was dramatic going through it," Roxy says. The reality star, and interior designer, is no stranger to drama. After all, Season 2 was chalk full of it. But with the addition of new faces to the cast (Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff), things are bound to change.

"Taylor Hasselhoff joins the cast," Roxy warns me. "Her and my sister had a little bit of a falling out, so we had a falling out many years ago," she says. "So that kind of comes back to haunt me." There are rumors out there that Roxy and Taylor-Ann are "high school enemies," but Roxy was quick to laugh that off. "We weren't enemies," she says. "I became such an older sister saying, 'Well, if you're going to be mean to my sister, you can't sit with us, either,'" Roxy says. (Note: I think this was Roxy making a Mean Girls reference, but it was too subtle to tell.) "I was kind of delusional and probably didn't realize I wasn't being that nice."

Besides the drama with the new girl, Roxy also promises some drama between her and "best friend" and "sister," Morgan Stewart. "Morgan and I have a little bit of an issue because our boyfriends have a sour business deal, that comes into our friendship," Roxy says. "Which has been the most difficult thing to deal with, to be honest."

If you recall, Roxy faced a rough reality on Season 2 of #RKOBH when she was cut-off from her parents (or "So you're my poor friend, now?" as Morgan puts it). What did Roxy learn from that very public experience? "I learned my own strength and potential. I think I was relying on my parents a lot, and not relying on myself, and not wanting to," she says. "I was being lazy and ended up being scared of failing." Preach, girl.

But now, Roxy will be singing a new tune in Season 3, as she has moved out of her parents house and into her own — probably poshly decorated — apartment. So maybe the cut-off wasn't the worst thing to ever happen? "Nothing has boosted my confidence more than that in my life," Roxy says. "The best gift [my parents] ever gave me or did for me."

And if this wasn't enough insider info on what Season 3 of #RKOBH has in store, Roxy teased the season in the language any #RKOBH fan/cast member will call their first: emoji.

The takeaway on the emojis: love, money, weddings, more money, more love, even more money, vacations, crying, and more money. Sounds like the perfect combination for #RichKids of Beverly Hills and I can't wait.

Images: Mathieu Young/E! Entertainment; Emojis Courtesy of Roxy Sowlaty