We Don't Really Miss Elena Gilbert. At all.

Sorry, Elena fans, but... I'm over it. Last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries was our first episode — ever! — without Elena Gilbert, the star of this supernatural series. It all changed last week when Elena (played by Nina Dobrev) was taken over by her doppelgänger, Katherine Pierce. Rather than die in her new human form, Katherine jumped into Elena's body, preserving her consciousness within the body of her identical vampire. Elena and Katherine have often been mistaken for one another (remember that hot kiss between Damon and Katherine, when he thought he was kissing Elena?) but now Katherine has decided to be Elena Gilbert for as long as she possibly can — despite being Elena's complete opposite in every way except the physical.

I say, good riddance. Elena Gilbert may be a great, self-sacrificing vampire, but let's face it — compared to Katherine, she's kind of a snooze. Elena is the damsel in distress in a seemingly constant state of moping. Katherine Pierce is a badass who cares almost exclusively for herself. Who would I rather be friends with? Elena. Who would I rather watch stirring up stuff at Whitmore College and in Mystic Falls? The wavy-haired troublemaker Katherine, of course.

While I doubt that the series will keep Katherine in Elena's body forever — especially that now Matt has figured out what Katherine's up to — I hope that we can hang on to Katherine for a bit longer. Why? Here are some reasons why I'm psyched to see Katherine taking over Elena's role:

We're Over the Damon/Elena/Stefan Thing

Katherine was at the center of a Salvatore love triangle once upon a time, but Elena has been in the center of the brothers' worlds for a long time now. Now that Katherine (as Elena!) ended things for good with Damon, Damon is no longer waiting in the wing's for Elena to need him. Damon's gone off the rails, and that's far more interesting. Plus, we love that Katherine desperately wants to be with Stefan, who just might be more interested in a different Mystic Falls lady — unless us Steroline shippers are just seeing things...

Katherine's Imitation of Elena is Hysterical

The pleading eyes, the sympathetic talks, the woe-is-me demeanor... Katherine nails Elena's quirks absolutely perfectly, probably because she's been making fun of them behind Elena's back forever.

AND She's Way Funnier In General

Elena is not funny. Elena does not joke.

She's Completely Selfish

Elena, bless her undead heart, operates by putting herself last on the agenda. That makes her a really good person, but kind of dull to watch. We know that, if given the option, Elena is going to sacrifice herself in order to save the people she loves. (Remember how she told Stefan to save Matt when his car went over the bridge over her? And remember how she literally died because of it?) Katherine operates on a totally different plane, one where Katherine Pierce is, and always will be, #1. It's fun to see how things will play out when our "heroine" doesn't have the most selfless of intentions.

She's Team Caroline

Though Matt insists that Elena loves Bonnie and Caroline equally, Katherine hopes that Elena secretly likes Caroline more — which is how we all feel, right? #TeamCaroline forever.

She's Got Better Style

Elena's wardrobe is a tad boring, no? Katherine's high heels and skin-tight pants would definitely give Elena's body a sexy makeover.

Katherine Has A Ton of Backstory

We basically know everything interesting that has ever happened to Elena Gilbert, but Katherine Pierce has centuries of unplowed backstory. (I mean, hi, we just met Katherine's daughter this season.) While Elena's father's Augustine storyline wasn't half bad, we think that Katherine has way more skeletons in her closet. Possibly next to multiple pairs of high-heeled booties.

She's Katherine Freaking Pierce

And she's awesome. Need I say more?

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