How Did Kylie Jenner & Harry Hudson Meet? The Snapchat Stars Have Been Friends For Years

If you follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat, you know that her bestie Harry Hudson is often in her videos, whether he's chillin' in her pool, running around her backyard, or just pretending to have an affair with every person in her family, including Caitlyn Jenner (it was a Snap story worthy of a soap opera, and it was gold). In addition to Kylie's other ultra-present BFF, Jordyn Woods, it seems like Harry Hudson is never too far from Kylie Jenner (or her phone), loungin' around and causin' some innocent trouble like best friends do. But hold up: There are some ~deep mysteries~ to answer here about their relationship, and no, it's not if they're dating or not. Namely, how did these two even become friends in the first place? How, exactly, did Kylie Jenner and Harry Hudson meet?

To put it in the simplest of terms, they met through mutual friends. According to The Daily Beast, Hudson revealed that they "met through mutual acquaintances," which actually sounds kind of formal — or that the friends weren't exactly friends of either of them, just people they both happened to be hanging around. Hudson and Kylie both grew up in the L.A. area (Harry Hudson moved from New Jersey to the City of Angels when he was 4; Kylie grew up in wealthy Calabasas, about an hour northwest of L.A.), so it makes sense they were hangin' with the same SoCal crowd. They also have mutual friends in Jaden Smith and Hailey Baldwin, so maybe that had something to do with it.

As for their actual friendship, Kylie and Hudson's bond goes way beyond superficial social media. In fact, Hudson — who was diagnosed with, and later beat, Hodgkin's lymphoma — said that Kylie and Kendall Jenner were some of the only friends who stuck by his side throughout the ordeal.

"I was losing friends left and right. People weren’t able to deal with my cancer," he told The Daily Beast. "Kylie and Kendall came when nobody else did."

"I would do anything for those girls," he added. And it seems like it goes both ways.

While Hudson was undergoing chemo in the hospital, Kylie would visit him so much that it was rumored that they were dating. She even posted a photo with her feet pressed up against his, one where you can see his IV stand in the background in the photo — not to mention the haunting one that Hudson shared, which shows him, Kylie, and Kendall all sitting on his hospital bed wearing masks.

If Instagram is any indication (and it might be), Kylie Jenner first showed up on Hudson's 'gram 119 weeks ago, which translates into a little over two years ago. This was pre-lip fillers Kylie Jenner, so you know that friendship goes a long way back. All kidding aside, the two have clearly been friends for years, since they were obviously close enough for the Jenner sisters to visit him in the hospital during Hudson's cancer treatment. And it's obvious that they are closer than ever now and are friends who certainly spend a heck of a lot of time together — at least, if Snapchat is anything to go by.