The Best Ellen DeGeneres GIFs to Get You Ready for the Oscars

This year, we can look forward to the Academy Awards without wondering whether or not the host will make us uncomfortable. (Ahem, Seth MacFarlane and James Franco.) Ellen DeGeneres will return to host the Oscars for the second time come March 2, and if there is one comedian who knows how to be hilarious while pleasing a mixed crowd, it's Ellen.

But DeGeneres is not only great at interviewing, joking, and dancing, she's great at GIF-ing. Which makes her the perfect host for this Internet-fueled world of ours. So, as a preview of what to expect on Sunday, here's what we can expect from DeGeneres, based on her best GIFs.

Image: Getty Images

Greeting the Crowd

DeGeneres is no stranger to thunderous applause.

Image: EllenTV

Getting Things Started

She also knows how to give a great opening monologue.

Image: CableTV.com/Google+

Without Overdoing It

DeGeneres is good at finding the line between funny and mean, and can make fun of celebrities without making them cringe.

Image: hotnewsgator

A Great Tux

Chances are DeGeneres will rock a tuxedo that would make James Bond jealous.

Image: lightsglisten/Tumblr

...But No One Is Safe

Picking on someone isn’t okay, but DeGeneres good-naturedly mocking some of Hollywood’s best looking actors? That doesn’t count.

Image: we-are-beautiful-tonight/Tumblr

Prop Work

Things could get interesting with giant props and unique bodysuits. And Sofia Vergara.

Image: EllenTV


What better place to set people up than the Oscars? Maybe DeGeneres will be the one to finally get George Clooney in a long-term relationship, or find the perfect man for Sandra Bullock.

Image: dreamermamacita/Tumblr

Super Serious Matchmaking

When DeGeneres sees a connection between two people, she’s serious about bringing them together. The Oscars could be all about shipping this year.

Image: yourreactiongifs/Tumblr

Scared Celebrities

Nominees and presenters should be very alert during the Ceremony: One of DeGeneres’ favorite things to do is scare celebrities.

Image: ellengifs/Tumblr

Awkward Moments

DeGeneres is not afraid to let things get a little awkward.

Image: thisonesforthehistorybooks/Tumblr


She isn’t afraid to let things get very awkward.

Image: fuckyeahdash/Tumblr


Any engaged celebrity better watch out, DeGeneres likes to throw impromptu bachelorette parties. Olivia Wilde better keep some singles handy.

Image: ellengifs/Tumblr


No one is safe from DeGeneres’ pranks. Just imagine if she pushed someone into the giant Oscar.

Image: ericatheprincess/Tumblr

Tim Riggins

So apparently Taylor Kitsch loves DeGeneres, and used to watch her show while working out for a role. If she calls upon that connection, this will be the greatest Oscars of all time.

Image: ellengifs/Tumblr

Tearjerking Moments

If DeGeneres’ wife Portia de Rossi ever appears on stage, or is even mentioned, we’re all done for. Every time the comedian speaks about her, it’s so heartwarming and sweet you can’t help but get a little teary.

Image: rumpbelleisendgame/Tumblr

More Exciting Musical Performances

When the nominees for Best Original Song perform, don’t be surprised if DeGeneres decides to spice things up. But not during “Let It Go.” That’s unacceptable.

Image: ellengifs/Tumblr

Movie Parodies

A common trope of the Oscars’ opening is to put the host into some of the nominated films. Ellen puts herself into popular movies all the time, so maybe her opening won’t be as awkward as previous attempts.

Image: rebloggy

Self Parody

She also isn’t afraid to make fun of herself, so don’t be surprised if you see Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon show up in a tux too.

Image: EllenTV

Technically, Dory is Hosting

Maybe we’ll get some kind of Finding Nemo reference, or she’ll use her role to throw shade at this year’s Best Animated Film nominees who didn’t also land Best Original Screenplay nods.

Image: rebloggy

People's Choice Preview

At this year’s People’s Choice Awards, DeGeneres stole the show as an audience member when she headed to the stage to claim Justin Timberlake’s award. If she can be that funny as a guest, imagine what she’ll do as a host.

Image: sooziq

Supportive of Winners

Look at how nicely DeGeneres congratulated JT once she realized he was the one who actually won.

Image: sooziq


With all of those skills, there’s no telling what she’ll do.

Image: rebloggy

And of course...

There will be dancing.

Image: gypsy-in-heart/Tumblr

Celebrity Dancing

Image: EllenTV

Presidential Dancing

Image: ellengifs/Tumblr

Group Dancing

Image: Yahoo

Old Fad Dancing

Image: Reddit

Salsa Dancing

Image: Crushable

Secret Dancing

Image: ellengifs/Tumblr

Whether You Like It or Not

No matter what anyone says about Ellen hosting the Oscars, it won’t even matter. She knows she’s great and that’s the only thing that matters.

Image: ellengifs