Jenny Slate Makes An HBO 'Girls' Cameo & Helps Hannah Embrace Her Life

This season has been an emotional rollercoaster for Hannah Horvath on HBO's Girls. She went from turning Adam down to dating Fran to breaking up with Fran to finding out that Jessa and Adam are together, and now, she's finding herself with another fresh start. On last week's episode, Hannah broke up with Fran only to realize that truly anything is possible in her life, and with her eyes now wide open, she stumbles into a totally unexpected situation that makes her rethink everything in her life. On Sunday's penultimate Girls episode Hannah catches up with her friend Tally (Jenny Slate), and it doesn't take much to make her realize an important truth about life: The grass isn't always greener.... even if the grass over there has a book deal.

If you've forgotten Tally, I don't blame you, because it's been awhile since we've seen her. Tally, played by Jenny Slate — or, as I can't help but think of her, Mona Lisa from Parks & Rec — is Hannah's college friend who beat her to the published author punch. Because of that, her life has always seemed perfect to Hannah, and when they run into each other it seems like that's still the case. Hannah's just broken up with Fran and quit her job as a teacher while grappling with the fact that Jessa and Adam are a couple. And then there's Tally, hot off a writer's retreat and working on a book of essays. Who's more successful here? It seems like a no brainer.

They spend the day together, and soon it comes out that neither of these women have it together. Hannah vents about how she misses both Jessa and Adam more than she's upset that they're dating, and after she has enough weed in her system, Tally admits that her opinion of herself is based solely on what she finds when she googles her own name, and she has no idea what to even write as her deadline looms. But, the way she sees Hannah, she sees someone who has so many adventures in love and in life, and what could be better than that?

She has a point — Hannah's lived a lot, as ridiculous as a lot of that living has been. She really doesn't have it that bad. Her friends are a little flaky, but she's talented, she has parents who love her, and she has a world of opportunities open to her. Things are confusing right now, but why not embrace it?

But, even though the episode ends as Hannah and Tally run into Jessa and Adam, I have a feeling she's going to be OK. I'm still just as offended by Jessa and Adam's relationship as Hannah is, but if he's not meant to be with Hannah, the sooner she gets over it, the better. Will next season be the first where we get to see Hannah single for the first time in the entire history of the series? Could be — and it might be the best thing for her.

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