Are Kendra & Ray Doomed On 'Legends Of Tomorrow'? Hawkgirl's Past Life Gives Her A Grim Warning

Normally, I wouldn't consider the Wild West to be a safe place to hang out and keep a low profile. (I hear shooting someone is just about as common as breathing in these here parts.) But seeing as this location served as a type of invisibility cloak to the Time Masters, that's precisely where the Legends sought sanctuary for the time being. And while a majority of the episode focused on their quarrel with a gang of outlaws, another portion was dedicated to one of Kendra's past lives on Legends of Tomorrow . Hawkgirl ran into the 1871 reincarnation of herself as an older woman, who warned her that any romance she has outside of Carter is doomed to fail. So does this mean that Kendra and Ray will break up eventually? The storyline certainly seems to be pulling her in that direction.

This prior Kendra explained that she's fallen in love with many different men throughout her various lifetimes, but it always ended in tragedy or heartbreak if the man was not Carter. So basically, what she just told Kendra is that her relationship with Ray is never going to work out. Because no matter how much she tries to fight it, Carter is her one and only soulmate. No other relationship works outside of him. The only question is — will Kendra believe what the woman told her?

As of now, it seems like she's kinda on the fence about it, though she's doing her best to assure Ray that nothing is the matter. (But she seemed to be trying to convince herself of that just as much as him.) At least Sara tried to talk some sense into her, making her realize that there can be exceptions to every rule, and Ray could certainly qualify as just that. Let's just hope these crazy kids are able to work things out, the past be damned.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW