Ray & Kendra's 'Legends' Romance May Cause Trouble

Ever since Carter died, an undeniable romance has been growing between Ray and Kendra on Legends of Tomorrow . And now, thanks to getting stranded in the 1950s, these two have become a fully fledged item during their two-year stay. So much so that Ray actually went out and bought an engagement ring to give to Kendra, however, right before he was about to pop the question, the Waverider locked onto their location. But just because they were interrupted doesn't mean we won't eventually have a Legends wedding on our hands. I think there'a still a very good chance that Ray will propose to Kendra at some point down the line.

For starters, he brought the engagement ring with him on the time machine. Sure, some cynics may say that he just didn't want to see money go down the drain, but the hopeless romantics know that this means he still has every intention of getting down on one knee. Granted, things were starting to look a little rocky for them at first, especially since she seemed way more thrilled to be rescued from their 50s life than he was. Their little chat at the end of the episode made it clear, though. Kendra loves Ray just as much as he loves her, which means this relationship isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

What worries me, though, is how dangerous this romance could prove to be. As we know, Kendra has always been destined to be with Carter. Could messing with this formula somehow throw the universe out of whack? But even if that's not the case, there's still Vandal Savage to worry about. He's always had a really creepy obsession with Kendra, so if he finds out that she's chosen yet another man over him, it could be Ray's life in significant danger. Am I overthinking the whole thing? Maybe, but as the Legends writers have already proven, they're not afraid to kill characters off. I just don't want Ray to be the next target.

Image: Dean Buscher/The CW