Who Is The Pilgrim On 'Legends Of Tomorrow'? Her Arrival Could Foreshadow More Death

Is anyone else starting to really hate these Time Masters people? First they sent Chronos after them; the The Hunters; and now they're gearing up to unleash The Pilgrim on Legends of Tomorrow . So who is this new foe, you may ask? According to Rip, The Pilgrim is a deadly assassin that's now set her sights on all of them and won't stop until they're all erased from the timeline. Here's where things start to get really tricky, though — she's not planning on going after the present-day version of the Legends. She's going to hunt their younger selves, meaning that she could show at any point throughout their past... even when they were just kids.

Obviously, you can see the problem with that scenario, for if they were to die in the past, then they would die in the present as well. So next Thursday's episode will undoubtedly be centered around saving younger versions of themselves. (If that's not considered to be an out of body experience, I don't know what is.)

Normally, I would think that none of the main Legends characters would be in serious danger of meeting their maker due to this Pilgrim person (played by Faye Kingslee, by the way). However, seeing as the writers wasted no time in killing off Carter, I'm been feeling less and less secure about everyone's fate, especially since she already seems to be so close to one of her marks. (Was that a young Ray that we see in next week's promo?)

So will The Pilgrim triumph where all other of the hunters failed? We'll find out soon enough, but in the meantime, I'd start preparing myself for the worst. Because as this series has already proven, no one is off limits from harm.

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Image: Dean Buscher/The CW