How To Buy Hayley Williams' Hair Dye, Good Dye Young, When It Goes On Sale

It's a good day for bright-colored hair fans, because Hayley Williams' hair dye line, Good Dye Young, is officially going on sale April 15. That's right, the hotly anticipated hair dye collection from the Paramore lead singer is officially going to be available to pre-order in a few short hours. Paramore fans and adventurous hair-dyers, take note. This is how to buy Williams' Good Dye Young hair dye line when it goes on sale April 15.

The Paramore singer has been talking about releasing her own hair dye line for years. After all, she's known almost as well for her brightly-colored hair as she is her killer vocals. As soon as she announced she would be releasing her own hair dye line (that also happens to be vegan and cruelty-free), Williams' fans started counting down the days until they could get the collection of four bright-colored hair dyes. Luckily, that day is finally here.

According to the company, the dyes will officially be available for pre-order on April 15. So how do you get them? You'll need to go to the company's website,, on April 15 and place an order there. I recommend setting an alarm, because those dyes are going to sell out fast.

The company posted this Instagram with all the company's dyes (and convenient swatches) and said in the caption they'd officially be on the website tomorrow.

And how amazing does the dye look on all the people in this Instagram promo video? I love how vibrant they are.

The company hasn't announced the time the dyes will go on sale, but I bet it'll be in the morning. But if you absolutely need to get the dye in the first round, checking the website when you first wake up is probably a great idea. If you're lucky, you'll have bright new hair just in time for summer weather.

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