Tina Fey's 'Kimmy Schmidt' Character Is The Best

I think that we can all agree that the world would be a better place if everyone was able to receive personal therapy sessions from Tina Fey. Global warming would be a non-issue. Equal pay would actually be a thing. Basically, we'd all just being living our best life if we had this lady around for guidance, which is exactly what Kimmy Schmidt is getting the chance to experience throughout Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2. Playing Kimmy's therapist, Andrea Bayden, Tina Fey proves that she has the ability to be amazingly empowering even when she's incredibly drunk. (Or rather, when her character is incredibly drunk.) Warning: Episode 9 spoilers are coming!

Fey's Andrea quite literally stumbles upon Kimmy after calling for an Uber driver, but still manages to give her some pretty great advice during their ride together about Kimmy needing to put herself first. Andrea could tell right away that Kimmy is the type of person who puts other people's needs and desires before her own, which is simply unacceptable. She tells Kimmy that her problems are just as important as anyone else's and that she needs to deal with whatever it is that she's constantly repressing. (I particularly loved how she referred to Kimmy's smelly burps as "Dursting.")

But this wasn't just the ramblings of a very intuitive Uber passenger. Fey's character is actually a psychiatrist by day. And while she was initially hesitant to take Kimmy on as a client (given how much Kimmy has witnessed her act in a non-professional capacity), her drunk self managed to convince her to do it. Honestly, this is the best thing that could've happened to Kimmy because Andrea's right. She does need to start putting herself first and she does have a tendency to bury her problems deep inside, which is definitely not healthy.

Kimmy has already sacrificed so much for others. It's time for her to do what's right for herself, and attending weekly chat sessions with Tina Fey certainly feels like a step in the right direction. Where can I sign up?

Image: Eric Liebowitz/Netflix; Giphy