The Baby Arm Or Bread Meme From Japan Might Be The Cutest Thing On The Planet

nrngkh chach kan sukh / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

In the history of all cute memes, this may just take the cake (or, ahem, the bread). This Japanese meme comparing baby arms to bread is probably one of the most ridiculously adorable things ever... because as it turns out, baby arms bear a striking resemblance to the tear-and-take bread you get at the grocery store.

People have been taking and posting photos of their babies' arms next to loaves of bread, squished between loaves of bread, and the resemblance is striking... and seriously adorable. Proud parents are using the hashtag #我が子の最強ちぎりパン画像 on social media, which generally translates to #MyBaby’sGotTheBestBreadPhoto.

In the history of all weird things parents like to get super prideful about (and then post on social media), this is probably up there — but the more you scroll, the more addicted you'll be. There are just too many chubby baby arms, and too many loaves of bread to squeal at next to them. (Also, if I were a parent, I can't say that I'd do this, but I also won't say that I wouldn't do this...)

According to BuzzFeed, the trend actually follows an old tradition of Japanese social media users comparing their children to foods like rice balls or mochi. Check out some of the cutest below. Unfortunately, the pull-apart bread is only available in 7-11 stores in Japan, but at least for now you can just imagine eating those little baby arms (OK, not literally) or you can be sane and try to bake the bread yourself ... (nah).

If this doesn't make you just want to squeeze those arms...

I'm kind of not sure what would...

Even without the bread, the arms are still deliciously adorable.

It's so cute it hurts.

And in case you thought this was the first instance during which we the people of the world confused living things for snacks... nope, not at all. If you recall, the "puppy or bagel" meme was popular not even that long ago. The person responsible for it was Twitter user Karen Zack, whose timeline is a whimsical, magical land of which you will want to explore and obsess over whenever you're even a little bit bored. (Basically, it's your ultimate cute puppy-related-content-machine). She could be called a genius of our generation (who else would think of this?).

It was then that we discovered Labradoodles actually look like fried chicken, and the world as we know it is just a meme just waiting to happen.

So whenever you find yourself even the slightest bit bored in the future, start looking at beings and animals around you and wondering what kinds of foods and inanimate things you can compare them to, post it all on Twitter, and become a celebrity. (It's that easy.)

Images: nrngkh chach kan sukh / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images