8 Surprising Hacks For Shiny & Vibrant Hair

We've all taken trips to our local drugstores, favorite beauty shops, and hair salons in pursuit of products that promise to give us healthy, shiny hair. These remedies can be anything from shine sprays to silky serums and color-enhancing rinses, but spending hours in the beauty aisle can be a huge time waster. Knowing how to get shiny hair with vibrant color can actually come down to a few surprising hacks, which you should definitely try ASAP.

If you've ever heard a friend swear by a certain kitchen ingredient to make her hair glossy, or you've watched YouTube beauty bloggers promise substantial results after using DIY masks, they were most likely on to something. I'll admit, putting mayonnaise in your hair to make it shinier sounds a little crazy, but there is an organic hair mask made with mayo that will soften damaged hair and add incredible shine to your weakest strands. For those tea lovers out there, you may be shocked to find out that using black tea in a hydrating conditioner will also make your hair brighter and shinier than ever. Read on to discover the incredible hair hacks that will have your hair shimmering with luminous color.

Wash Your Hair With Beer-Infused Shampoo

Duffy's Brew Premium Craft Beer Shampoo , $19, Amazon

Who would have thought that craft brews weren't just something to enjoy during happy hour? Adding beer to your hair has some amazing benefits, such as restorative proteins and minerals that protect and strengthen your strands, plus major shine-inducing effects. This 100 percent vegan craft beer shampoo creates a thick lather, and it will have you stepping out of the shower with hair that finally feels soft and smooth. Users give this product top ratings for its amazing scent and actually noticeable hair improvements.

And Hydrate Hair With Barley And Hop Infused Conditioner

Broo Hydrating Warm Conditioner, $9, Amazon

This 100 percent vegan conditioner is sulfate-free and color friendly, and it will give you all of the glossy benefits that a glass of beer gives your 'do — minus the alcohol scent. Instead, it serves up the delicious fragrance of vanilla and toffee — topped off with caramel, chocolate, and a bit of coconut. Yum. Besides having shiny locks, you'll see amazing hydration and fullness in your hair after adding this conditioner to your shower routine. One user said her dry, chemically treated hair has "never looked better" after using this product.

End Your Routine With Chamomile Apple Cider Rinse

Natural First Apple Cider Vinegar Finishing Rinse , $15, Amazon

Apple cider vinegar will give your hair a luminous appearance — but with a major downside: its strong scent. Instead, this organic apple cider vinegar finishing rinse has the same beneficial qualities, with added chamomile and eucalyptus for a soothing, natural aroma. Use it on your hair after you shampoo, and it will leave your hair smoother, softer, and easier to comb. Reviewers say they're now repeat customers, and one fan even said it left her with "THICK, soft, manageable hair that combed into a great style that lasted."

Switch To A Fruity & Herbal Conditioning Cocktail

Lush American Cream Hair Conditioner, $19, Amazon

This creamy conditioner packs the benefits of shine-inducing herbs (like lavender) and delicious smelling fruit (such as strawberries and fresh oranges), while promising to make your hair softer with added honey. Bonus: This product was inspired by the yummy, frothy milkshakes that were popular in the '50s, and its delicious smell will keep your hair fragrant and fresh throughout the day.

Treat Your Hair To An Egg Yolk Restorative Hair Mask

Restorative Hair Mask With Egg Yolk , $11, Amazon

Eggs act as a deep conditioner to make any hair type shiny and smooth. This 100 percent natural restorative hair mask contains egg yolk, onion, and burdock oil, and it will strengthen hair roots as it brightens and shines. Its best benefit is its activation of cell metabolism in your scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth for anyone who's trying to grow out long, luscious locks. Pro Tip: After your shower, let hair air dry half way, and apply this mask for at least two minutes before rinsing.

Or Applying An Organic Mayonnaise Hair Mask

Africa's Best Organics Hair Mayonnaise , $4, Amazon

Mayonnaise gives hair added shine and strength with its antioxidants and amino acids. Instead of reaching into the fridge for your favorite sandwich condiment, use this organic moisturizing treatment on your hair that contains natural herbs, egg yolk, and olive oil. If your hair is damaged or over-processed, this treatment will work to rejuvenate and renew weak or fragile hairs, giving them a glossy shine. One user even said this product is "better than a salon treatment."

Deep Condition With A Yogurt & Honey Hair Shake

Milk Shake Active Yogurt Mask, $12, Amazon

This yogurt mask treatment containing rice and avocado oils and honey extract will leave your hair incredibly shiny and smooth. Yogurt contains amino acids that add vital shine to dull strands, and your hair color can appear brighter, as a result. The antioxidants in this treatment will also work to reinvigorate hair, making it healthier and less susceptible to damage with each continued use. Users give this treatment top ratings, and one user recommends applying it once every week for the best results.

Combine The Power of A DIY Black Tea Rinse With Aloe

Aveda Black Malva Conditioner, $25, Amazon

Black tea can be an awesome resource for depositing shine into your locks and fighting unwanted shedding and hair loss. This high moisture conditioner combines black tea's restorative properties with aloe, which hydrates and soothes frizzy hair that lacks in manageability. The conditioner will add vibrancy to black or brown hair, and it's formulated to remove any and all brassiness.

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