Meghan Trainor's New Song Is Inspirational

by Mary Grace Garis

Meghan Trainor has another self-love anthem and it’s a little bit less about the bass and more about the... everything else part. Friday Trainor released “I Love Me” on Spotify featuring Lovemoney Lewis, and it isn’t a flippant title; there’s really no doubt that Trainor loves herself, and wants you to love yourself too. In fact, it may be the perfect song to get you to love yourself when nobody else will. I'd go so far as to say “I Love Me” is the perfect anti-hater track.

Now, OK, I actually don’t know if “hater” is a term that you kids are still using today, but you know what I mean. There are days when you feel as though the whole world is fighting against you, and you really need a self-esteem boost. Trainor's no-care attitude in the song is a good one to adopt.

We have a little while before Trainor debuts her second studio album, Thank You (the release date is set for May 13). Until then, give “I Love Me” a listen below, and next time someone has you feeling blue, co-opt some of these “I Love Me” lyrics to bring yourself back up again.

1. They Gonna Say All Kinds Of Things/ They'll Make Jokes About My Name

Once your Twitter account gains any sort of momentum, expect the trolls to roll in. In that moment, you will need this line.

2. They Gonna Try To Clip My Wings/ But I'm Gonna Fly, I'm Gonna Fly

When you get your Monday morning mocha and only realize after the fact that the barista skimped you on whipped cream, let this be your mantra. You can get summon the energy for that promotion at work even with people trying to hold you down and deny you the whipped cream you so truly deserve.

3. They'll Try To Play Me Like A Game

Say it to yourself next time you get another "u up?" text from an ex and DO NOT RESPOND, I mean it!

4. I'll Bet They're Too Scared Of The Fame

Honestly, people are just jealous of your popularity, and that's where the four dislikes on your latest make-up tutorial came from.

5. But I Can See It Clear When I'm Looking In The Mirror/ Saying God Made Me Just Right

You don't have to be legitimately religious for this one, you can still stare your reflection down and think to yourself, "I'm perfect, it doesn't matter if I have adult acne, my rack is amazing."

6. Cause I'm Sexy And It Ain't My Fault

Flaunt it.

7. I Ain't Waiting On Nobody's Call, You Don't Want Me Baby, That's Your Loss

You might need this one when your Tinder date ghosts you for no reason.

8. I'll Be Fine, I'll Be Fine, Baby

You can sob this line out when you're sobbing into your Ben and Jerry's. Seriously, it makes no sense.

9. I Don't Mean To Brag, I Don't Mean To Boast, I Love All Y'all, But I Love Me The Most

When you're the only one who looks good in last night's group photo, and I'm sorry, guys, it's going on Instagram.

10. Go And Raise Your Glass, Give Yourself A Toast, I Love All Y'all, But I Love Me The Most

And then when a friend comments on the photo like, "Oh my god, take this down," shoot this one back at her.

11. I Love Me, I Love Me, I Don't Know About You, But Baby I Love Me

If you can't remember any other lyric, let this one become your go-to motto.

Because even if you can't believe in yourself, it's comforting to know that Trainor has your back.

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