When Will 'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3 Premiere? The Spinoff Was Renewed Just Days After The Season 2 Premiere

What amazing news we have from AMC today! Just days after its Season 2 premiere, the channel has renewed its buzziest spinoff for a third season, begging the question — when will Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 air? Normally, we would've had to wait weeks or even months to find out the fate of a show, but in this case, the Season 2 premiere on Apr. 10 apparently came in so hot that it left no room for debate: According to TVLine, 8.8 million people tuned in to the premiere, and hey, that'll do it! So, since we're already working with what's essentially instant gratification, getting promised a third season just a few bites into the second one, let's push things even further and talk about a premiere date for Fear The Walking Dead Season 3.

Well, I hope you're ready for even more reasons to love the producers of this show, because they are not wasting any time. Even though it's still out in the future, we already know that Season 3 will consist of 16 episodes, the same as Season 2 and 11 more than Season 1's five-episode run, and that FTWD 's third season will air sometime in 2017. And while I wish I could be more specific, hey, that's next year, babies! Hardly any time at all to wait for more zombie realness, especially when you consider that we still have 15 more episodes of Season 2 left in the chamber. We're sitting real pretty right now, as is Fear The Walking Dead.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of this season with the knowledge that there's more where this came from. Nice to know that the only suspense this time around is going to come from the heart-racing plot.

Image: Richard Foreman/AMC; Giphy