Kylo Ren & Rey Were Not Related In 'The Force Awakens' According To J.J. Abrams — UPDATE

One of the biggest fan questions after watching Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens revolve around Daisy Ridley's character — who is Rey? The new heroine, who was introduced to the Star Wars fandom in Episode 7 from Jakku, had a clear backstory shrouded in mystery and secrets. Though, she clearly had connections to other characters in the far, far away galaxy, the biggest possibility that Rey could be Kylo Ren's sister is now wrong. Because, on Friday, director of the new installment, J.J. Abrams crushed all our theories (and dreams) when he revealed to an audience at the Tribeca Film Festival that Rey's parents were not in the Force Awakens. Therefore, her biggest parallel to Kylo Ren is now more hidden then ever.

(Update: In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Abrams clarified his comments about Rey's parentage at the TriBeCa Film Festival, saying, "What I meant was that she doesn’t discover them in Episode VII. Not that they may not already be in her world.")

Ugh, this is definitely the one I was really banking on. After seeing the film, the hints that Kylo and Rey may be siblings kept piling up. It was very clear in the film that Kylo had known of Rey's existence beforehand. This sentiment is echoed many times throughout the movie. In the scene of the interrogation room, they share a moment, where many fans got the sense that there was something deeply familial in their stare — also as if it were written in the script. In that moment, Kylo also understands that she will become much stronger if left on the base longer.

Interestingly enough, it seems as though, at one point we "purposely" miss the beginning of Kylo's conversation with Snoke, where he begins by saying “If what you’ve said about the girl is true, bring her to me.” Wait, what? What did Kylo say about Rey? It seemed possible that they are related, and this is what he is telling Snoke to rid himself of her.

Let's also not forget the power of the force within Rey. Rey somehow summons Luke's lightsaber, and, though Abrams revelation also crushed the theory that Luke Skywalker is her father, how is her sensitivity to the force that strong? Obviously, the force is passed down inherited by lineage — parent and child, to be exact — yet, if Rey has no connection to Luke, Han, Leia or Kylo, it seems as though her legacy will surely be spun into a familial conflict that will reach true Shakespearean extent.

Alas, now my head is now spinning with even more theories and suspicions... thanks a lot, Abrams!.

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