Is Bonnie Dying On 'The Vampire Diaries'? The Armory Pills Put Her In Serious Danger

When you're dealing with a series whose sole plot is centered around vampires, death isn't only possible, it's a highly probable outcome. And while I've seen many Mystic Falls characters fall by the wayside, the idea of losing one of them never seems to get any easier, and unfortunately Bonnie Bennett appears to be in danger next. We now know that those pills that The Armory created have the capability of suppressing magic, thereby allowing the user to become immune to locator spells. However, it also prevent said user from being able to access their own magical powers. Oh, and then there's that nasty side effect of eventually dying thanks to the added ingredient of Rayna's blood. So given that she's been taking these pills for awhile now, does this mean Bonnie will die on The Vampire Diaries ?

Based on what Rayna told Enzo throughout the hour, Bonnie's prospects aren't looking very good. The effects of the pill cannot be reversed, only enhanced. However, I wouldn't give up on our beloved Bennett witch just yet. After all, Kat Graham has already announced that Season 8 will be her final year on TVD, which, by itself, implies that she'll be around next season. But that doesn't mean she can't still be in grave danger.

That pill is going to start making her weak, sure, but these things always have a tendency to have some sort of loophole in the end. So I'm sure a cure (gee, where have I heard that word before?) will be found/created eventually. It's just a question of what or who will have to be sacrificed in order for that to happen. Deep down, I know that Bonnie will come out unscathed. We've all seen her get through worse scenarios, that's for sure. Though TVD has a knack for surprising us, which has made me become instinctually nervous. So now that Stefan is safely back inside of his own body, let's hope that the Salvatore brothers can start focusing on Bonnie and get her the help that she needs.

Image: Annette Brown/The CW