J.K. Rowling Gave Ollivander A Pottermore Page

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Garrick Ollivander may be one of the first wizards that Harry Potter meets after discovering he is one himself in the first book of the series, but the legendary wandmaker wasn't an early addition to Pottermore. Author J.K. Rowling didn't forget him, though. On Friday, the website's Twitter account shared Ollivander's page, which includes a new story about the wand master himself and writings on wandmaking.

For those not familiar with the books (so, no one reading this, right?), the page explains that Ollivander is "considered by many to be the world's best wandmaker," and that he's the man behind almost every Hogwarts student's wand. Some of his best quotes and moments are also featured, including the memorable line he delivers when Harry ends up with a wand with a "curious" connection: "It's really the wand that chooses the wizard, of course."

Like many of Rowling's other Pottermore writings, Ollivander's story reveals his background as well as delves into his family history. It turns out his name means "he who owns the olive wand" and that his family likely hailed from the Mediterranean before arriving in Britain. Although other Ollivanders before him sold wands, his skills are especially impressive, thanks to a "single-minded, even fanatical, determination in his pursuit of the ideal wand." (No wonder he ended up in Ravenclaw.) He's also a "purist," which we saw when he discovered the veela-hair core in Fleur Delacour's wand.

Pottermore called him "wise and great" in Friday's tweet, which sounds about right, considering this is a man too obsessed with his profession for any hobbies, according to his page.

The page also provides additional work from Rowling that explores wand cores, woods, and lengths and flexibility, often in the form of notes from Ollivander, so that readers can learn more about the art of wandmaking. Finally, you'll get all your questions answered about whether size matters and why you'd want a unicorn hair over a dragon heartstring.

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