Grandma In A Self-Driving Car Reacts About The Same Way I Think We All Would To This Terrifying Phenomenon

How would you react to being driven in a self-driving car? Personally, I think I'd probably react about the same way this grandma in a self-driving Tesla car does in a video that's been going viral. Because "this is so scary" pretty much sums it up.

Self-driving cars might be the future, but 75 percent of drivers say they would be afraid of being driven in such a vehicle. And even though all indications seem to be that letting your car drive you is actually perfectly safe, the idea is still... I mean, it's freaky as all get out. Driving is complicated even for humans — robots, on the other hand, still often struggle with things like feeding a dog Pop-Tarts. How is a car supposed to analyze things like road conditions, the speed limit, other cars, possible pedestrians or obstructions, traffic signs, and a million other variables that people have to notice while driving?

Plus, you know, sometimes computers turn into Hitler fans, so that's not reassuring, either. Technology, guys. It's scary.

Which is why I think being afraid is a perfectly logical reaction to being in a self-driving car.

In the video, which was posted by CarBuzz on Facebook, a woman identified only as "Granny" is sitting in the drivers' seat of a Tesla Model S, but instead of driving, she's watching as the car operates itself on automated mode down what seems to be a moderately busy street. Here are some of the things she has to say during the experience.

"Oh My — There's A Car Coming!"

"I Could Never!"

"This Is My First Day Out And I'm About To Die"

That about sums it up, doesn't it? Scared Grandma is officially all of us.