Robot Tries So Hard To Feed A Dog A Pop-Tart

Robots seem kinda chill. I personally wouldn't hate a bartending robot. Think of the parties! Just kidding—I'd need a waterproof one since I enjoy most of my cocktails solo in the bathtub. My preference is likely not universal, as evidenced by this robot feeding a dog a Pop-Tart. Maybe that is what the people want. I support that.

There seems to be a sudden resurgence in robot interest. I guess it's more like Ex Machina reminded people of their sixth grade time capsules in which they tucked promises to be on flying cars with Pop-Tart-dispensing robots by this time in their lives. At least this stab at successfully pulling of artificial intelligence doesn't involve a highly feminized robot designed to possibly sexually entice men, or simply take on a bevy of gendered household chores like cooking and cleaning. This overly-apologetic robot appears to have one duty: Feeding the dog questionable snacks.

Apparently too much sugar isn't good for dogs (or humans, but hopefully we're all aware of that factoid), but I suppose a little bit of artificial food coloring in the name of science (or viral videos, I'm not sure) must be excusable. It MUST be, right? The dog doesn't seem terribly interested, so maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe nothing matters.

Let's blame the overly-apologetic nature of this robot for the dog's disinterest. It's hard to take a chronic over-apologizer seriously—which is a good reason we should all cut back on this insane habit (hi, looking at myself in the mirror here). Anyway, check out the full video below:

It's not that I don't like robots. I do. OK, they make me a little nervous, but I like the idea. Namely, robots with primary functions including:

The laundry robot

The actual worst house chore, second only to—

The bathtub-cleaning robot

It's not like I hate bleach, I just hate how hard I have to work to remove pockets of mysterious mold and scum.

The break-up robot

No one wants to DIY that kind of mess, let's be real.

The nacho chef robot


The wine-inventing robot

Double duh.

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