Chokers Are The New Flower Crowns

by Augusta Statz

It’s exactly the time of the year when everyone suddenly becomes obsessed with wearing flowers on their heads. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but this year there aren’t nearly as many flowery headpieces to be spotted. Are chokers the new flower crowns? Taylor Swift sure thinks that this accessory has taken over for the once coveted headband bouquets, and I couldn’t agree with her more.

The ‘90s have made a comeback in a major way. Fashion, accessories and beauty looks from the decade have been popular for months now, and even Coachella couldn’t escape its influence. So, the new must-have accessories this year are chokers, chokers, and more chokers.

They’re great for layering, wearing on their own, and of course, there’s still a way to let a '70s vibe seep into them. You can find chokers covered in flowers, full of fun prints and in mixed metals. So, when it comes to staying on-trend, but still letting the festival spirit influence your fashion, it would appear that these necklaces offer the best of both worlds.

Check out the most Coachella-ready chokers that are great for wearing long after the festival is over. Because this ‘70s-inspired 1990s trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I mean, we’ve only just moved on from flower crowns, after all. Because fashion statements this good have a lasting impression.

If this photo is any indication of just how popular chokers are now, they're even more of a big deal than you thought, huh?

1. Tassle-Tastic

Suzywan Deluxe Silk Road Tassel Collar, $35, Nasty Gal

So much fringing! I just can't get enough of this statement-making necklace.

2. Oh So Psychedelic

Rock 'N Rose Statement Choker Necklace, $78, ASOS

With so many different colors and shapes, there's definitely some 1970s influence behind this choker.

3. Leather Cut-Outs

Cutout Festival Choker Necklace, $8.50, ASOS

Yeah, I'd say this would pair nicely with your crop top and denim cut-offs, wouldn't you?

4. Tiny Daisies

Layered Daisy Choker Necklace, $4.90, Forever 21

These tiny daisies are too cute and festival-ready to pass up.

5. Flower Power

Floral Choker, $6.90, Forever 21

Yep, this is the necklace version of a flower crown if I've ever seen one.

6. Gemstone Bling

Alix Opal Choker Necklace, $24, Urban Outfitters

Harness your trendy fashion skills with this gemstone choker.

7. Moon Goddess

Moon Pendant Choker, $8.50, Missguided

Show off your '70s style love of nature in the trendiest way possible with this choker necklace.

8. Mixed Metals

Ocean Lights Choker, $28, Free People

Gold and silver can co-exist in this simplistic neckpiece.

9. Faux Suede

Braided Faux Suede Choker, $6.90, Forever 21

You can't go wrong with a little faux suede and embellishment for a 1970s feel.

10. Desert Flower

Cactus Ransom Choker, $52, Revolve Clothing

You'll look fine in the hot summer sun with a cactus choker around your neck.

Chokers may very well be the new flower crowns, and I've got no problem with that, TBH.

Although, there are some people who can still pull these off.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (11); Giphy (1)