Will Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Include New Music From Her Upcoming Album? It Seems Possible

Bey has somewhat appeased fans who have been anxiously awaiting her upcoming album by announcing a mysterious new Beyoncé HBO special called Lemonade, set to premiere April 23 on HBO. What exactly Lemonade is, though, remains a mystery. Some have hoped that it will be a film version of Beyoncé's entire new album, much like her release for her self-titled visual album in 2013. Could it potentially be a documentary, like her last HBO release? Could whatever it is end with an link to the upcoming album, sort of like how her "Formation" World Tour was announced at the end of her Super Bowl performance, or how Kanye dropped The Life of Pablo on TIDAL after his Saturday Night Live performance in February? We can dream.

Whatever Lemonade is, though, the real question is whether we will hear any new Beyoncé songs from her upcoming album during it.

After all — all that we eager fans have heard of Bey's album so far has been "Formation," and it's been two months since that miraculous day came and went. It thus seems likely that she will take this event to debut some, if not all, of her forthcoming album. The special hasn't yet appeared on HBO's schedule, so it's unclear how long it will be, which could provide a hint of whether we have another full visual album coming our way. Call me optimistic, but I don't think Beyoncé is going to let us down with this one.

Another hint that the Lemonade special might include some new music is that the alleged leaked album listing from March includes a song (featuring Adele) called "Lemonade Taste." Sure, the listing also specified the album's release date as April 1, but the fact that "Lemonade" is mentioned is sort of curious. Could that be its title? The HBO special premieres on 4/23 at 9 p.m. ET, so we only have a week to speculate and anticipate. (Did I say "only"? It will probably feel like a decade.)