'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Proves Timing Is Everything

by Laura Rosenfeld

Before Monday night's episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, you may have thought you had how this inaugural season of the show was going to end. In last Monday night's episode, it looked like their relationship wasn't going to get off the ground, Greg rushed to be by Rebcca's side at the hospital, showing that he does really care for her. Well, gather up your predictions and throw them out the window because the Season 1 finale was so full of twists and turns, they probably made your head spin. That's because a lot of true feelings were revealed in the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season finale, but they weren't always said at the right time.

As previously mentioned, the Season 1 finale picked up where last Monday night's episode left off with Rebecca in the hospital. Just as Greg seemed to be opening his heart for Rebecca, Josh's potential feelings for her and vice versa gave him second thoughts about whether or not she was really choosing him this time.

Though the fate of that relationship seemed uncertain, things were definitely done between Rebecca and Paula, who made her feelings of betrayal and being underappreciated for all of the great lengths she has gone through to get Josh to fall in love with Rebecca apparent through a brilliant parody of the iconic "Rose's Turn" number from the musical Gypsy. In this instance, we finally saw Paula nearly explicitly admit that her friendship with Rebecca is really more of a mother-daughter relationship, which is something that has been hinted at all season.

So at this point, Rebecca knew that she needed to tell Greg that she really does care about him. Greg kind of feels the same way but ultimately came to the realization that Rebecca only likes him when he plays it cool around her and appears to be uninterested. He decided to move forward in that direction in their relationship, even though his dad basically told him he was being a big idiot for doing so.

But as we all know, Rebecca is a big romantic. She performed a huge romantic gesture by moving all the way across the country to be with her ex-boyfriend, after all. So she decided to tell Greg her true feelings at Josh's sister's wedding.

He agreed to be her date at the nuptials, which seemed promising, but they unfortunately turned out to be the least romantic moment ever for Rebecca. Greg wore sneakers to the wedding, said Rebeeca looked "all right" in her gorgeous gown, and then mocked all of the lovely aspects of the wedding reception that made Rebecca swoon.

Things didn't go so well for Josh at the wedding either. He was clearly still bothered by Rebecca and Greg getting together, going so far as to question why someone as "sweet" as her would want to be with someone who's dark and sarcastic like Greg. But then the evening really went south when after Josh had told Valencia earlier in the episode that he was going to propose to her but needed to do it in his own time, he found out she had convinced his aunt (played by the always amazing Lea Salonga) to give him a family heirloom to propose to her with. When Josh confronted Valencia about this, she admitted that he was worried he would never actually propose and needed to give that little push. Josh seemed hesitant about whether or not he was actually going to go through with it, so Valencia called it quits with him for good this time.

After Paula and Rebecca ran to each other and reunited at the wedding as if it was the end of a rom-com (good job playing with cliches again, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Paula gave Rebecca the strength to go and tell Greg how she really feels about him. But Greg was drunk, and his fear of Rebecca leaving him for Josh once again caused him to tell her that he just wanted to continue to keep things casual.

That was obviously not what Rebecca wanted to hear, but after Greg took an Uber home in his drunken and sleepy state, Josh whisked her away from the wedding as his aunt sang a song from Rebecca's favorite romantic film. The two rode off in a red convertible to the top of a hill with a breathtaking view of West Covina and made love.

But this was far from a fairytale ending. Greg whispered to himself, "I love you, Rebecca. I should have said, 'I love you.'" And after they had sex, Rebecca finally admitted to Josh that she had actually moved to West Covina from New York to be with him. And the look on Josh's face said it all: He was none too pleased to hear that bit of truth from Rebecca.

Oh boy. It doesn't look like anyone really got what they wanted in the Season 1 finale. Clearly, Rebecca's respective relationships with Josh and Greg are far from being resolved. You've got your work cut out for you in Season 2, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Images: Scott Everett White/The CW (4)