10 Baby Names For Girls That Are Typically "Boy" Names

Got a female bundle of joy on the way? Take a look at these baby names for girls that are typically "boy" names. There's nothing wrong with naming slightly outside of the box, because that box is just a social construct.

Which names are coded as "girl" and "boy" changes with the times; if this article had been written earlier, I could have included the names Ashley and Hilary as examples of boy names, but now they've pretty much morphed into girl ones. With enough popularity, any of the members of this list could jump the line into firmly girl territory too, but for now, our culture sees them as mostly boy names that could actually be just right for your little girl.

After all, it's hard enough choosing a name for your baby without limiting yourself to half of the names, depending on what Mother Nature has served up for you. Maybe there's a boy name that's always spoken to you, maybe you'd like to honor a male relative, or maybe you heard a new boy name just now that you love regardless as to the associations our culture has pegged to it. If the shoe fits, name it!

1. Ari

The name "Ari" appears in several different languages: Hebrew, Greek, and more. According to Hebrew, Ari is a lion. According to Greek, Ari is a superior thinker. In Norse, Ari is an eagle. How can you go wrong with meanings like that?

2. Dale

The meaning of "Dale" is easy enough to figure out — Dale is a guy who lives in the dale, or the open valley. But since when were open valleys for males only? Since never, so feel free to name your girl Dale, too.

3. Garrett

This Irish name for boys was popular in the 1990s, and perhaps it's time for Garrett to rise again. Choose this name for a tiny warrior princess, since Garrett means "spear strength."

4. Madison

It seems a little obvious in retrospect, but the name "Madison" means "son of Mad"; a nickname for "Matthew," it was originally a boy's name. Though there are already plenty of female Madisons already blazing this gender-defying trail.

5. Sage


"Sage" is an English, French, and American name meaning "wise one." But since men certainly don't have any monopoly on sagacity, it's a great name for girls, too.

6. Reese

Though Reese Witherspoon has certainly done her part to repurpose this name into a female one, she could still use some help in the form of a few other lady Reeses. Meaning "ardent" and "fiery," choose Reese for a girl who you expect to become a handful (in a good way, of course).

7. Sawyer

"Sawyer" is a name for someone who cuts timber, so that's how it became a boy's name previously (the profession was traditionally a male one). But a little bit of hard work never hurt anyone. Just try not to get the Kesha song "Timber" stuck in your head.

8. Blake

"Blake" is an English boy's name which has an interesting double meaning — either "black" or "pale." But before it was a first name it was a surname, so presumably boys and girls alike were Blakes; as such, there's no reason not to continue like that with first names, too.

9. James

James is an old Biblical name for men, but since we live in a free and secular country, there's nothing stopping you from using it for a girl. After all, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds — both bearers of gender-neutral names themselves — named their daughter James, and she's adorable.

10. Riley

"Riley" means "valiant" in Gaelic, but sources disagree as to whether it's traditionally been a boy's name or girl's name. Since it doesn't matter anyways, name your brave little girl as you wish.

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