Larry David Joins Julie Louis-Dreyfus On 'SNL' & It Was A Mini-'Seinfeld' Reunion — VIDEO

When Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted Saturday Night Live on April 16, it was ostensibly to promote the return on Veep on HBO. But, airing the first Saturday after the Democratic debate in Brooklyn, the show found the perfect opportunity to bring back Larry David to SNL and have a mini Seinfeld reunion.

Of course, David reprised his Bernie Sanders impression in the cold open, shouting because, according to him, "I always talk like I'm on the other side of a river." And, as usual, Kate McKinnon played Hillary Clinton. After a few back-and-forths between them, Louis-Dreyfus showed up in the sketch as someone asking a question from the audience, but she was a very special certain someone: Elaine Benes. The exchanges that followed between the two of them were full of inside jokes for Seinfeld fan, including a "you're bald," reference, a well placed "Bernie's getting upset," and quite a few yada yada yadas.

Besides Senfeld, David and Louis-Dreyfus also have history together on SNL. Louis-Dreyfus was a cast member between 1982 and 1985. David was a writer for a sliver of that time, from 1984 to 1985. Unfortunately, neither of them had a great time working at Saturday Night Live.

Louis-Dreyfus recently told the New York Times about her experience there there. "It was a very sexist environment," she told the paper, adding, "Since I’ve gone back, I can tell you it’s much more of an equal-opportunity environment." Still, she did learn a lesson from the show. "I was on it for three years, and when I left, I made this conscious decision that I would not take any jobs that didn’t seem as if they would be really fun... I’ve applied that, moving forward, and it’s worked. So in that sense, I have SNL to thank." Her monologue mentioned her previous experience on the show—via a two-second clip of her introducing Ed Grimley. She didn't seem too bitter about it. Obviously, the hatchet is buried, since the April 16 show was her third time hosting.

David also had a rough time on the show, since he didn't get many sketches on the air. He didn't even mention being a writer there when he hosted SNL back in February. But, if you ask me what it was like to see David and Louis-Dreyfus back together on the show, I'd say it was pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Watch the full video below:

Image: Dana Edelson/NBC