Who Is Cameran Eubanks' Husband On 'Southern Charm'? Jason Wimberly Keeps His Wife Grounded

Cameran Eubanks is married, but you won't see her husband on her hit Bravo show, Southern Charm. But, even if he's not destined for reality stardom, who is Jason Wimberly, Cameran's husband? Any guy Cameran loves must be pretty fantastic — and it was his total lack of interest in becoming TV famous that sealed the deal for me to like him. One of my favorite things about Cameran is that she seems totally down to Earth, even though she takes a few months out of her year to hang out with Thomas, Shep, Whitney, Kathryn, Landon, Craig, and the rest of the supporting cast. Cameran told Entertainment Tonight that it's important to her that her husband doesn't appear on Southern Charm . "My husband, he has sense — common sense — therefore, he chooses to stay off reality television. My relationship is very precious to me, so, I try to keep that private,” she told the outlet.

Even though Cameran credits her husband as the one with the common sense, I think both members of the couple are pretty practical. But, Jason is a lot more than just his decision to decline appearing on Southern Charm. In fact, I think this season of Southern Charm will show why exactly this marriage works so well, even if you'll only see it from Cameran's POV.

He Works As A Doctor

During her dinner party planning, Cameran even mentioned that Jason was "on call," implying that he's a doctor. Well, I think that implication is exactly right, since, according to Trident Health, there's a Dr. Jason Wimberly in the Charleston area, and some of Cameran's social media comments also suggest he's a doctor.

He's Sympathetic To Cameran's Issues

Cameran told ET that her internal conflict over why she wants to wait to have kids is going to continue into Season 3, beyond just her dinner party. Jason's clearly patient with Cameran's conflicting feelings about expanding their family, as he should be.

You Really Won't See Him On Southern Charm

According to Cameran, Jason really won't be making an appearance on the show, even going as far as to hide while the cameras are around.

But You Might See Him On Cameran's Feed

Even though Jason doesn't want to be on TV, he does occasionally show up in a Twitter/Instagram photo — and, looks like this pic is proof that Cameran really does hang out with her Southern Charm costars while the cameras aren't rolling.

Shep Thinks He's A Great Husband

Shep, probably the Southern Charm cast member least prepared for marriage, told ET in that same interview that Jason is "an awesome guy. He’s a good listener. He’s the exact opposite of me." And, Shep is one of Cameran's best buddies, so if he approves, than Jason must be a great guy.

He Loves Cracker Barrel As Much As She Does

If you're married to Cameran, you need to be down with the CB (does anyone call Cracker Barrel that? They should). And these two are clearly meant for one another, since according to Cameran's Twitter, they dined there on their second anniversary. Looks like this Southern Charm couple is going to last.

Image: Evans Vestal Ward/NBCUniversal; Sidewindervx, Bricesander/Tumblr