Stone Fox Bride & ELOQUII Are Offering Chic Wedding Dresses Up To Size 24 — PHOTOS

Finding the perfect bridal gown can be a tough journey for any human, but when being plus size is thrown into the mix, things might get a lot more complicated. Thankfully, minimalist wedding brand Stone Fox Bride and ELOQUII launched a plus size wedding line on Apr. 15 in order to help broaden the market for plus size women sizes 14 to 24, Vogue reported.

Not only has the plus size clothing industry made billions over the past few years (arguably making it a perfect investment for any brand seeking to branch out), but awareness of plus size fashion and style, or the lack of available options, has risen in public consciousness. This means that certain designers don't only want to introduce plus size clothing for the money, but out of empathy for a community that has had to suffer through dark purple tunics and butterfly prints for years.

The latter seems to be the focus of Molly Guy, creative director of Stone Fox Bride, who told Vogue, "I’m never going to do a collection again unless we do it up to a size 24. This is the new normal." Although catering up to a size 24 isn't necessarily 100 percent inclusive (since plus size women don't stop at a 24), the brand previously only offered options up to a size 16. This is a big step forward for the retailer, and one that will hopefully inspire even more expansion if met with success.

The designs are simple and elegant, as well as made specifically for plus size women — rather than sized up from straight size measurements. This is where ELOQUII came in: By hiring experts in the plus size field, Stone Fox Bride eased itself into the world of plus size designing.

Speaking to Vogue, ELOQUII's creative director Jodi Arnold gushed about the collaboration with Stone Fox Bride, saying, "We were delighted that a high-end designer would want to do plus. And when we sat down with Molly, I could tell how badly she felt when brides would come into her studio and be told there was nothing for them to try on there. That’s how I knew it was the right partnership, because that’s how we feel at ELOQUII all day long."

The brand is focusing not only on providing for plus size brides, but providing the bridal experience for as many women as possible. “I really do want to think we’re providing this cool space that didn’t exist before,” Guy said in the same Vogue interview. “Where women can have this authentic experience of discovering who they are and what kind of skin they’re living in and what they want to present to the world as they’re walking down the aisle. It transcends just the dress.”

In terms of price, the five-item collection is undoubtedly high-end, with items ranging from $4,350 to $6,800. As Refinery29's Liz Black wrote of the cost, "Although the average ELOQUII customer may experience some sticker shock, the prices are in line with Stone Fox Bride’s current offerings, and don’t incur the 'fat tax' that so many other designers tack onto larger sizes." Yes, these gowns are a splurge. But they are the same kind of splurge available to our straight size counterparts. After all, sartorial equality has to include higher price points for those interested.

Essentially, ELOQUII for Stone Fox Bride is providing an experience for plus size brides that should have been available long before now: Of walking into a bridal boutique and feeling catered for, instead of forgotten about.

With a capsule collection of stylish designs, bigger brides won't have to worry about "settling" for a dress. Hopefully they can find their perfect gown instead.

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Images: Stone Fox Bridal