13 Times 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Was You After Graduating College

From personal experience, I can tell you that graduating from college is one of life's most bittersweet experiences. On one hand, you're free of all-nighters, studying, paper writing, bad food, small rooms, and lofted beds. But on the other hand, real life and responsibilities await (though, it is quite nice not to have to take a shower with flip flops on anymore). It’s sort of hard to express all of these extensive feelings in mere words. Perhaps the best way is to do it through the mouths of some of our favorite fictional adolescent-like adults. For instance, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt gets what post-grad life is like for a person straight out of college. And, luckily for us all, there are a plethora of GIFs to prove it.

Post-grad life is a big ol' slap in the face after you've lived in a cushy, controlled environment filled with other young and carefree people for the past four years. So, clearly, Titus and Kimmy, who are broke and living in a basement apartment in one of the most expensive cities in the world, understand the post-grad plight — as does poor, bereft, privileged Jacqueline after having the rug pulled from under her by her ex-husband. So, let’s let them tell the story of graduating college in only the way they know how. Here are 13 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt GIFs that describe your post-grad life perfectly:

1. When Your School Email Phases Out

Wait, no more ".edu" address? Not OK. *Frantically sends back up emails for every account you have under that name*

2. And Then So Do Your Student Discounts

*Shakes fist at sky* This is unacceptable.

3. When Your Friend Tells You They're Going To Grad School

We just got out of prison and you're trying to go back in?!

4. When You Get Your First Student Loan Bill And Auction Off One Of Your Kidneys

Honestly, I'd just settle for the interest paid at this point.

5. When You Try To Go Hard Like You Used To...

You can totally hang, it's fine. Totally fine.

6. But You've Developed An Aversion To Six Different Types Of Liquor

Yeah, no you can't. You definitely can not hang.

7. When You Visit On Alumni Weekend And Try To Fit In With Your New Sorority Sisters

How were you supposed to know that they didn't want to hear about the lack of job opportunities and decent people to date after graduation?

8. When You're Given An Intern Who's One Year Younger Than You To Supervise At Your New Job

It's babies raising babies.

9. When You're Second Guessing Your Career Choice And Are Trying To See If You Can Still Pass As A High School Teen On The CW

After all, acting's always truly been your passion.

10. When You're Trying To Keep Up With The Modern Slang

Lingo on fleek.

11. When You Have An Existential Crisis The First Time You Don't Get Carded By The Bouncer

*Starts wearing hair in pigtails*

12. When You're Trying To Encourage Your Friends To Move Out So You Can All Be In The Same City Again

Pure, selfish desperation.

13. When Your Parents Ask When You're Going To Start Paying Your Own Phone Bill And Car Insurance

Wasn't going away to school for four years and not dying enough?!

Kimmy Schmidt just gets what it's like to no longer be in college, even when it hurts to hear the truth.

Images: jakegyllonhaal (14); alyciadebnamcarey (1); natchioselektra (2)/Tumblr